How Samsung Galaxy S4 Could have been even Been Better?

Even though there is a huge fan following of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in the industry, there is a sect of people who doesn’t find this device extraordinary or revolutionary and there are many reasons behind this opinion of theirs. Following are some of the things that lack in Galaxy S4 and could have been included to make it even better.


Replacing Plastic Built

Irrespective of how much you are going to shout for change in the plastic built of the Galaxy phones, Samsung won’t budge. Several users have complained about the plastic feel of S4. As the built of Apple and HTC phones are far superior than of Samsung, this is one area where S4 could have actually been better.

Something Special Music Lovers

To a big disappointment of the music lovers, there is nothing special or unique for them in the Galaxy S4. Also, many people didn’t like the quality of earphones that comes along with the set. On the other hand, Sony and HTC bundles high end phones with the similar phones of this class, which delivers excellent sound quality.

Stock Androids

The Nexus line of handsets feature stock OS, thereby providing high speed and support to the device. These devices get updated frequently with latest android OS. However with Glassy S4, you have to rely on the Samsung to provide firmware updates which aren’t that frequent. Also, they aren’t as reliable as they should be.

Waterproof and Dustproof

Sony has already done it and proved that there can be camera phone that can be not only dust proof but waterproof as well. Samsung should have tried to introduce these features in its Galaxy S4, knowing that iPhone 5 is going to give it a really tough competition in the market and it needed some unique edge over it. However, the company lacked this vision and didn’t have any such feature.

Fingerprint Scanner

A fingerprint scanner isn’t just a full proof security measure in any device but also it imparts a different class to the device. Having included a fingerprint scanner in Samsung Galaxy S4, it would have come a long way from the previous version, i.e. Galaxy S3. Also, this feature would have provided an undue advantage of S4 over other devices.  However, the same was not perceived important by the manufacturer.

If the above mentioned points would have been included in S4, it would have really made the difference and would have further pushed the popularity and demand of this great smartphone.

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