How to Create a Compelling Headline for Your Squeeze Page?

In order to attract more subscribers to your list, you need to create a good squeeze page that will entice your audience to subscribe to your list. One most important thing that you need to have in your squeeze page is a good headline. A good headline must be able to attract attention as well as interest of your audience to join your list. Here are 7 tips to create a compelling headline for your squeeze page:

1. ‘Never before seen’ headline

This headline announces that what you’re offering to your audience is a new information that is never before seen or announced or revealed. This headline will of course attract people’s attention toward the content of your squeeze page, whether you’re providing them with correct information or a mere hype. ‘Never before seen’ headline will work if you really have information that is new within your niche. It won’t work if you only write this headline just to raise hype about your product or mailing list.

2. Controversial headline

This headline wants to confront your competitors and show them that they are wrong and you are right. Controversial headline will give you a good boost in subscribers, but remember that you must back this up with real truth. You don’t want to just confront others while what you’re providing is truly a lie. For instance, when you claim that article marketing is dead and it no longer works, you have to back this claim with proofs and facts.

3. ‘A formula that helps someone’ headline

This headline wants to introduce a method that help even helpless person to achieve success. For example: “A simple method that helps a bum to earn $1000 weekly, consistently”. This headline is basically a headline to motivate your audience. If they’re helpless and seem to fail often with methods that don’t work, you can give them this headline to motivate them and tell them that your method can help them even if they’re helpless. Of course, you need to give them the method as you promised.

4. ‘Stopping problem’ headline

This headline will inform your audience that they can stop their problem right now if they choose to join your mailing list. For example: “by reading this FREE report, you no longer have to stop eating meat in order to lose weight” This headline is designed to make your audience wants to stop their problem and take action immediately. If you can stop their problem, they will follow you. This is true. As your squeeze page is telling them that you can stop their problem right away, they will join your list right away.

5. ‘Point out the mistakes’ headline

Imagine when you’re walking alone and suddenly a man called you and tells you that you’ve made a mistake. What will be your reaction? Of course, you want to know about your mistake, right? That’s how this headline works. It helps to point out the mistakes of your audience, while in the same way attracting their attention. This headline is very persuasive. So, you need to give them good solution for their mistakes as well. An example of this headline: “You’ve done a lot of mistakes in losing your weight!”

6. ‘The only one’ headline

This headline informs your audience that they’re heading toward the only one place that will help them to get out of their problem. This headline sounds arrogant, but the purpose of this headline is to attract as much subscribers as possible. This headline will help you to create a sense of exclusivity in your mailing list. Since you’re the only one that can help them to solve their problem, they will try to find out what it’s all about. And if you can give them the sense of exclusivity in your mailing list as you promised in your headline, they will become your loyal subscribers, even loyal customers.

7. Limited time offer headline

This headline is trying to create scarcity in the minds of your audience so that they will be willing to take action immediately. This headline is also an effective call to action in itself. Thus, this headline will bring you lots of subscribers in a short amount of time. When you have a limited time offer, your audience usually want to grab this offer fast before it’s gone forever. However, this will work only if your offer is valuable. It must be backed up with valuable and exclusive free report in order to entice your audience to take action immediately. Those are 7 tips to create a compelling headline for your squeeze page. Once you’ve created a compelling headline for your squeeze page, it will be easier for you to attract more people to join your list.

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