How to get Alert when Google Indexed your Blog Pages?

As a blogger i feel very happy when my blogs pages indexed on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing specially on Google because Google is the king of search engines. Every bloggers want to know if Google indexed their blog pages, want to keep track on their blog posts.

This is a small trick and perfectly working method. Google alerts is the perfect way to get alert if Google indexed your blog page. You can use Google alerts to track news, articles from your favorite sources also can track a particular website. How to know if your posts indexed on Google? Here is the method you can try.

Go to Google alerts you complete 5 informs to complete the process. The first step is search query. Fill the keywords you want to track. Here we want to track our blog then you want to type as your search query. I’m using as search query to track my blog.

google-alerts The next step is result type you have options which results you want to receive through your email to your inbox, here the options are everything, news, blogs, video, discussions, books. Here we want to choose Everything. Next step is how often As it happens is better you will get quick alert when Google indexed your page on their search results. Next step is how many here you can set All Results to get all results about your blog.

Then the final step deliver to your email address. Choose your destination email address. Its over, you will get email alerts when Google indexed your Blog page on the search engine.

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