How to set an Expiration date for your Twitter tweets?

How to set an expiration date for your Tweets with self destruct? If you offers a discount for your product or service for limited days or limited hours through your Twitter account. If an users will see the Tweet after the discount expiration he thinks that the offer is still valid. How to avoid this? Yes make your Tweets self-destruct. Its possible.

Pierre Legrain a previous worker on Twitter Inc creates an app named Spirit for Twitter that helps you to create self destructive Tweets with time limit. Its easy you can set up an expiration time for your tweets with Hashtags. Tweet will automatically destruct after the tome that you allowed.

You just want to got and connect the app with your Twitter account read & write permissions to the application. Its over now you can set an expiration Tweet on your twitter account. You can use these kind of Hashtags to set an expiration time for your tweets.

For example #10m for 10 minute expiration time, #10h for 10 hours, #10d for 10 days. Its really easy and worth for your business, you can create this kind of Tweets from your mobile device or from desktop. If you want to stop this just want to go to your Twitter settings then go to apps and revoke the access for Spirit. by Pierre Legrain.

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