How to track your Websites Tweet Analytics on Twitter?

Micro blogging platform Twitter quietly add a new way to track your websites performance on the social network site.  With this new section of analytics dashboard You can see all the tweets that link to your website, whether its if a tweet that doesn’t include your username. This is much welcomed and loved feature by brands, advertisers and bloggers to track number of links to their website that are posted by Twitter users on the website.

Steps how to start Tracking?

Go to Twitter analytics and sign in, if you already sign in on Twitter it automatically redirects you to your analytics dashboard. You have an option to add your website. Click on websites.

Next you want to add the Twitter tracking code on your websites <head> section. Then enter the website you would like to add and click on the verify button, its done. If you properly add your tracking code on your website the verification its over and you can see Tweet analytics of your website with Tweets from your website and Link Clicks that drive traffic toy your website via Twitter.

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You have options in the upper right can change to any one of a dozen time frame presets  to your preference.

So fat there is no perfect tool to know about our websites performance on Twitter. This is something great by the micro blogging site.

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