Is Buying Fake Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers Worth It?

Are fake Facebook likes and Twitter followers good for your business?

I have already written in detail about “The truth about buying fake Likes- How to get more free Facebook likes” on my blog.

I am sharing the same information here today with all of you here to help you realize the uselessness of trying such gimmicks to create a false hype around you.

As social media is becoming increasingly important for the success (and in some cases, survival) of some businesses, people want to show attractive figures on their pages and Twitter followers.

While some are able to get there with the help of social media strategists, some struggle with their online presence.

Well, if numbers is ALL you are looking for, buying  Likes, Twitter followers and Instagram fans costs lesser than you could imagine.

I have friends and acquaintances in the online world who can help you get 1000  fans for as less as $5. And those too PERMANENT likes. Depending upon the level of interaction you are looking from these fake numbers, you could be charged a little more.

The same holds good for Twitter followers and Youtube views as well. If you are a budding singer and want to impress your fans by showing thousands of views on your video, you could get 1000 of them for $6-$8.

Similarly, you can also get StumbleUpon and Reddit shares.

What surprises me is the fact that inspite of strict  policy which slams down on all fake accounts, buying such likes, views, followers and fans is carried on VERY legitimately, so to say!!!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, people offering those services brazenly across the internet. Though the sites that offer these services are of questionable repute, to say the least, they are able to rope in a few unsuspecting ‘buyers’ every day to help them sustain themselves in ‘business’.

And why not?

It is BUSINESS for them..YOU have to be sensible enough to make the right choice!!

Why You Should Never Buy Fake Likes/ Followers/ Fans?

Most social media experts will not suggest you to go with fake likes or fans for the following reasons:

  • They only add to numbers and do not add value to your business. They generate no revenue at all.
  • Anyone who notices your likes of fans swelling overnight will be able to put two and two together and make out what you have been up to. You will lose all respect among your real followers once that happens.
  • Fake likes, fans or views can disappear or start decreasing very rapidly after a few weeks.
  • Most of the fake likes will have no profile pictures, making it obvious to the real fans that these likes are of dubious origin.

The Chief Minister of an Indian state landed himself in a soup recently as some smart user found out that most of the LIKEs on his personal page were from Turkey!! I actually sympathize with the social media advisors of the CM who did not have to common sense to at least opt for Indian likes, if he was unable to win over a respectful number of real fans to his page.

Needless to add, it was an embarrassing situation for him.

For public figures and celebrities like the unfortunate Chief Minster we are talking about, it is insulting to start a page with a handful of likes, due to which most of them opt for the easier way out. Completely forgetting that such a marketing and branding strategy could boomerang on you.

The same could happen to you if you choose to BUY likes or followers instead of winning them over by posting relevant, interesting and useful information from time to time.

An aggressive social media campaign backed by some innovative out-of-the-box thinking can help you garner real followers and fans who will actually interact with you and add to the value of your page.


Do you all agree with the futility of adding on to numbers on your social media profiles?

If you have tried some smart strategies to help get faster likes and followers which worked for you, we would be glad if you shared them with our readers.

Do write back to us!!

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