Macbook Air vs. Macbook Pro

Apple devices are wow! If you are consumer who prefer having gadgets without trouble, love operating them without bothering about the tech terms and want the best performance out of your money, then nothing could get a better choice than the Apple devices. And their laptops, well there’s nothing that can beat them yet! Talk about design, performance, power efficiency, portability; everywhere Apple wins with a real big gap in the scores with their rivals. Although there are laptops now in the market that can well ahead beat Apple Macbooks but no device is like Apple. Apple has a unique design and elegant feel which you will get from no other manufacturer.

And if you have decided to get your hands on the beautiful gadgets from Apple, then it’s time you have done researches on them. Macbook Air and Macbook Pro with Retina display – these are the choices you can buy and these are also the best value for your money. They have got enough style to define yourself! Both are 13 inch in display sizes which ensures best portability at still a good display size. But, there are even better than the best; which one is better – the Air or the Pro? We’ll be finding out here.



And you would be happy to know, Macbooks are definitely the best laptop deals in India, like the rest of the world among the higher end executives or those who would like to have a really good laptop worth its price.

And at the end of the article, we would be talking about some other best laptop deals in India for helping your effort on best laptops.

Specification Differences

Both laptops are different in their configurations and specifications; we are going to show you briefly.


You have read what we wrote in the beginning, the Macbook Pro has a retina display which means a very high number of pixel density in a 13 inch display offering a very crisp and sharp display. The 2560×1600 pixels resolution of Macbook Pro clearly blows away Apple’s very own product Macbook Air’s 1440×900 pixels display. If we compare these two, we can even say that the Air looks like a mediocre performer beside the Pro. No matter what you do on the Macbook Pro, everything is stunning sharp on the Pro’s Retina display – no matter it’s some texts from a book, pictures you have captures, movies or even an app icon. The smallest texts on the websites could be read without zooming in, just read it without any trouble. And 250+ in the Mac App Store takes the advantage of this high resolution Retina display for the best performance including Tweetbot, Real Racing 2, Photoshop CS6 etc.

The display is also brighter than the Macbook Air. 313 lux is a fairly higher brightness and the screen is viewable even in bright sunlight. On the other hand, Macbook Air’s highest brightness only counted to 263 lux which is fairly good too, but not might be the best performer in bright sunny days. The black color levels in Macbook Pro’s Retina display is really black, and also the contrast and saturation is also slightly better.




The design is stunning. Both laptops are fairly slick, but the Pro is thicker than the Air although if you consider the footprint then it’s smaller than the Air dimensions. Both laptops are built of aluminum which is now a part of Apple ethics, and they also include very comfortable keyboards. Apple’s design aesthetic couldn’t get any better! The Macbook Pro is a little bit heavier than the Macbook Air.

Ports around the Body



For portable devices, ports are important since you might need to connect external devices on the move. The Macbook Air from last year has two USB 3.0 ports, one Thunderbolt port, a card slot that reads SDXC cards and an HDMI port as well.

The port interfaces on the Macbook Pro is similar, the only addition to that is an additional Thunderbolt port. You can connect one external monitor to Air and two to Pro at 2560×1600 pixels resolution.


With Apple devices, there’s nothing much to say about performance as you know how robust they can turn out to be. Macbook Air has a 1.3 GHz Intel Haswell ULT Processor along with a 4 GB RAM while the Macbook Pro has a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor with an 8 GB RAM. In all the speed tests and benchmarks, both the laptops performed quite fast.

The battery life seemed to be longer in the Macbook Air as it lasted for more than 11 hours and the Macbook Pro lasted for a little more than 7 hours in our tests.

Apart from the Macbooks, there are many other good laptops in the market as well which can provide you with your desired performance, if you are concerned about budget then you might choose them instead of a Macbook. Here’s a list of top 5 of them.

  • HP ENVY DV 6
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Y500
  • HP Pavilion M4
  • Sony VAIO S Series
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Z500

Bottom Line

The Macbooks are indeed one very best laptop created on earth, depending on your needs you should choose either one of the two compared here. In case you are low on budget, then check out the best laptop deals in India list. You are good to go!

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