Technical Problems That Can Send Horrible Signals to the Search Engines

It is almost catastrophic for a blogger to experience some technical problems in their website that can significantly affect their rank and performance in the search engine. Behind the activities of a website are some hidden technical problems that might be occurring without the website owner taking notice of it. It is important to recognize these technical issues that may possibly send horrible signals to the search engines to protect your website performance and its search rank. To give you a head start where to look, here are some of the technical issues that you need check and what you can do about it.


Improper use of rel=canonical code on your content

Using a poorly implemented rel=canonical code to your website can send a bad signal to the search engine which can consequently hit your organic search traffic and bring down your website rank. Using the code in fact is helpful if you want the search engine to appreciate pages on your website that contain similar content that will help the search engine consolidate them when indexing your web pages. Using the rel=canonical is very helpful for a website containing so many contents already in helping the engine to easily crawl on the similar pages and index them for web search result. As much as using the code is helpful, it can be disastrous whenever it is used improperly.

In certain cases, the website with numerous pages indexed by the engine implements the rel=canonical code incorrectly where the code pointed to the internal search results that include pages with meta robot tag with the nofollow index that can certainly cause a massive SEO incorrect signals to the engine. As a result, the organic search driven to the site becomes affected. While it is helpful to use the rel=canonical code, its proper implementation is important to derive its benefits. Make sure to use the code on the duplicate pages on your website and never use it to replace the 301 redirect on your site. Otherwise, you are heading to a disastrous consequence that can badly hurt your organic traffic and website rank.

Problem with the 301 redirects

This is a common technical problem seen on websites that migrate or underwent some re-designing. Some website owners do not bother to re-check whether their 301 redirect link is properly implemented. As you migrate or re-design your website, it is crucial to map a plan together with your website developer on the most appropriate approach of releasing and testing your site. Some websites undertaking this process may display an ineffective 301 pages. Instead of the 301 re-directs from appearing on the site, the page becomes 404 or it is not found. With this broken link on your site, it can certainly cause engine problem which can hurt your organic search traffic and website ranking on search.

It is most prudent to always check your 301 re-direct each time of implementing it. It is also best to keep a file on the top pages on your old website and to crawl those URLs regularly. Keeping an eye on your 301 redirect link will help prevent a broken link on your site which can hurt your natural link building SEO efforts.

Anchor text links match the website page but is not visible to the users

A disastrous technical problem that may happen to a site is using the proper anchor text links for the web pages or website sections but the links are not visible on the target page. As a result, they are not visible to the users despite their presence and integration with the code. When this happens, the search engine will provide the exact match result of the anchor text to the user but a different page will appear where the searched anchor text is not found. This process in fact violates the terms of Google and it can adversely affect your rank in search. While this may occur unintentionally, Google doesn’t care and it may penalize your site for this eventually.

Your best intervention would be to constantly monitor your website performance and run a regular analysis and crawling to ensure that the correct web page appears that match your anchor text links. Always make a thorough check whenever you introduce any changes to your anchor texts links and ensure that it works properly as it should. Otherwise, paying the price for this technical issue on your website can be costly.

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