Top 5 Ways to get more YouTube Views

Social Media marketing is one of the important, essential marketing tool in internet world. Its a necessary thing for entrepreneurship or for small businesses. Video marketing is viral now. Specially marketing on YouTube.


Why YouTube video marketing is so important? According to the reports YouTube gets more than 3 billion video views per day. That well settled platform for marketers to find consumers. Evert business owners try to optimize their products on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing etc.

YouTube is a video search engine that owned by Google. If we search for a keyword or a products on Google, it shows the YouTube video results on the first page and more users gives priority to watch the report on a video, because watching video is easy and more understandable.

If we plan to host a video on YouTube we want to note some matters. That helps you to get more views for your Video. You can Buy YouTube Views Reviews from real professionals. Here is some tips to get more YouTube views.

1, Name your Video file SEO friendly

Name your YouTube file  accurately. If your properly do it for example if you named the file “get more views on YouTube” that is more search engine friendly compare to  file with improper name. If you do this chance getting multiple to get more viewers from search engines or from YouTube directly.

2, Attractive Title

Impress the viewers with attractive title. Lot of Videos been uploaded with stories tat similar stories. Only way to get something different and to grab viewers to your Video is make your video title more attractive. You can use these kind of words on the title like easy way, simple. profitable etc.

 3, Perfect Keywords

Use perfect keywords while host your video on YouTube. In YouTube videos you an use your keywords in four places. First in your video title then in video description next in Tags use keywords as you tags and the final one is narrative. YouTube videos takes your audio and creates an automatic transcript. You can use this keyword tool.

4, Response to the comments and Calls-to-action

Don’t forget to response if you received a comment on your Video. If you gives reply definitely it helps that visitors come to your channel again, chance to get a subscription and a friendship making. Also you can try calls-to-action at the end of your video like ‘For more details please visit” This is also a way to introduce your website to the viewers.

5, Share videos on other Social Networks

Once your video is live you can share them on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Sharing on Google+ is more important to get more views because Google+ is a part of the giant search engine.

Also you can embed the videos on your blog post. If you had a good blog you can place this video in a widget place. Watching from YouTube or not every views count and every visit boost your business. Definitely quality video marketing boost your business and the brand.


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