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SocialPositives recommends TrackSmart, a free professional online employee attendance tracking software. Behind every company’s success, the human resource department plays a role behind it. Perfect HR is a necessity – it’s an advocate for employees and valued as human capital value, company budget control, attendance tracking, performance improvement, and employee satisfaction. For great company management, we definitely need a perfect HR department. To run a perfect HR department, we need a perfecting employee attendance tracking software. You can use TrackSmart for your all needs.

About TrackSmart

TrackSmart is created as a solution for easy attendance management online software. TrackSmart offers attendance tracking, recordkeeping and other self-service features in one cloud-based website. Self-service and attendance tracking software like TrackSmart is perfect for small business owners, HR managers and administrators.

Why TrackSmart? is not the only employee attendance tracking system, but it’s one of the finest ever. It’s an easy-to-use, self-service online application that maintains almost all your HR needs. Site administrators can create custom reporting, calendar codes and more. The site isn’t just for HR managers, but for employees too. The comprehensive tool allows employees to submit time-off requests and receive email confirmations. If you run a small business company with up to 20 employees, TrackSmart allows you to use the software for free.

But you can manage up to 100 employees easily with TrackSmart. You can easily upgrade to the premium plans and for a small cost suitable for any budget. TrackSmart offers you different plans – basic for up to 20 employees, Core Track with additional profiles, Flex Track for managing up to 50 employees, and Power Track for up to 100 employees. Have any questions? The TrackSmart support team is readily available to help you with any questions or feedback.

How to Start and Use?

It is very easy 3 steps to get started. Go to and sign up – it’s free. Fill with name, email address, your company details and the address line.

If you add you first employee then you can his records like absences, birthdays, anniversaries, company events, vacation, jury duty in date by date. You can also use a profile picture of the employee for easy, personalized management. To enter an absence or other event, simply drag and drop the buttons to fill that date.  You can easily add other employee data too. To view an individual employee attendance calendar, click on the employees name that seen in the left side of your main calendar. You don’t need any kind of help to use attendance calendar. Below the calendar you’ll find four tabs filled with information to help to manage your employees list. The site offers tips, suggestions and tutorials for any customer to use the attendance software to the best of their advantage.

TrackSmart for iOS and for Android

TrackSmart also provides an app for employees, available for  iOS and for Android Smartphone users.  Employees can use the TrackSmart mobile app to access the self-service features from the site. Submitting time-off requests and time sheets can now be completed remotely through an employee’s phone.

Please remember an active TrackSmart Employee Self-Service login is required from a premium plan, with permissions enabled by the primary account holder.

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