What makes WordPress The Best Blogging Platform?

I had my first encounter with WordPress was a few years back when I was a rookie blogger It was a great and simple blogging platform that enabled me to seamlessly start spilling content over the Internet without much effort or any sort of endeavor. Ever since that fateful day I have never stopped using WordPress and I must say that it’s only gotten better through the years since then. If you’re a beginner and ask someone with experience about an excellent blogging platform to start with, then odds are that WordPress will come up more than a few times. It’s simply brilliant! The interesting part is that what’s so brilliant about it is the simplicity of design and ease of use. Of course, there are many platforms that are trying to follow those guidelines today, but WordPress outshines them all – a statement proven by the fact that this once blogging platform now powers 18.6% of the first ten million sites on the Internet. But let’s dig a bit deeper and elaborate on the point of WordPress’ brilliance.

Content Management

For me, the biggest selling point of WP has always been it’s great content management system. The ease with which you can upload content, whether it is text, pictures or anything else, and the fact that you can seamlessly edit it whenever you want is what enables a writer to focus on writing instead of trying to figure out code, why the pictures aren’t appearing on the post or something else. I’m not proud of this, but it’s true – I don’t know even a simple line of code, but I have never needed it, either, with the use of WordPress. Everything is just so easy and you basically don’t have to be a tech geek in order to figure it out. All you have to have is something to say – that’s it. When you have a message,WP enables you to share it in the matter of minutes.

Easy Setup

Setting up your WP account is easy as snapping your fingers while singing “My Own Little World” by Celldweller. That is to say, it requires very little time, for those of you haven’t done it. All you have to do is register. The settings and customization options are centralized so you can easily deal with them and you can basically begin producing content within minutes after your registration. Getting your account up and running takes no longer than 5 minutes (10 if you really have absolutely no clue of what you’re doing), and that includes the customization. Speaking of which…


WordPress offers a ton of free customization options, centralized in one place so you can easily choose. There are very good themes and you can easily find them and choose them, after which your blog will get exactly the look your were looking for. If you’re feeling like spending a few bucks just to show you’re serious, you can do that, too. Paid accounts grant you even more options, although the free experience has always been satisfactory enough for me. Still, you should know that the option exists.


WordPress is a genius invention because it’s really simple. It gives you easy customization and even easier content management system for absolutely free. You just need to take a few short minutes to register and you can start spreading your message across cyberspace and (hopefully) time. It’s a perfect system for newbies and experienced bloggers alike and offers everything you will ever need for absolutely free and even though there are paid options, they don’t really give you anything you don’t get free of charge. Take all of that, put it together and it becomes obvious why WP is so successful.

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