WordPress.com or WordPress.org: Which is Better?

Today, WordPress has become the most used technology for the blogging platform. WordPress is the content management system that provides the environment to interact with the user for creating blogs and many other sites. Installing WordPress and organizing database cost time, so to make it easy WordPress.com and WordPress.org have created the framework, where you can register the account and develop the blog without worrying about managing installation, Space and themes too.

Choosing the WordPress.org or WordPress.com put the organization in the dilemma, which is better between them so here, this blog presents basic aspects of both sites, which make the way clear for reaching the correct decision.

Overview about WordPress.com and WordPress.Org


WordPress.com is developed and hosted by Automattic Inc. It is a free blogging site, where you just need to register yourself and start blogging. It is known that there are substitutes for the blogging site such as Tumblr and Blogger, but this site provides a large number of theme customization options, widgets and lots more.


WordPress.org helps in downloading and installing the WordPress at your considered host. It is huge inventory of various themes and plug-ins to change the behavior of the blogging site . Here, you can register to solve the query and support any kind reporting while deploying the blog’s site.

Now, hope that the above given overview has clearly given the basic idea. Go through below mentioned section to understand which is to be implemented. Actually both have advantages so selecting one may take difficulty. To make a decision in an easy way, just read the following features.

Technical Aspects of WordPress.Org and WordPress.com

Let’s first Go through the WordPress.com

1. Cost Free Hosting

This costs you no penny, despite having thousands of visitors for your site. If you want to run the blog under your hosting, then you will have to pay the price for a shared hosting server, which is around $50 to 60.

2. Updating Theme effortlessly

Manually Customizing theme at WordPress is very difficult. But WordPress.com packs a large number of themes that is just needed to be installed and executed at the blogging site. On this platform there is no need to worry about the compatibility issues.

3. High-Security and Easy-Maintenance

The architecture of WordPress.com hosted blog site is very integrated so there is no need to think about the security and maintenance, until and unless you are self-hosting your site.

4. Downtime

The loading speed of this blogging site is fast or it can be said that you cannot complain for the downtime. If your site is hosted at WordPress.com you will never face any kind of hassle regarding execution or response time.

5. Page Visibility in Search Engines

The page visibility of your site in search engine result takes less time as compared to the blog presented at Blogger and Tumblr.

Now read out the aspect of WordPress.org

1. Allow Installing customizable Post Types, Themes and Plugins

WordPress.org is a huge store of various themes, plug-ins and post types, which can be customized very easily. In WordPress.com installing the themes cannot be possible because it does not allow to set-up custom themes except those that are present in its theme directory. 2. Helps Gaining technical Knowledge

Using self-hosted site gives lots of scope in learning the technical knowledge of the architecture of the website. If you manually configure your entire blogging site, then there is scope of knowing potholes in the technology and you can troubleshoot easily and you will not need any third-party support.

3. Provide flexible SEO Options

Hosting the own site has widened the SEO options for optimizing it neatly and effectively. Secondly, there is no limit for stuffing the good keywords in the title. Thirdly, you can optimize the image too.


If you are a technical geek, then it will better use the self-hosted option that is WordPress.org ,but if you just want to put up the blog in this case, WordPress.com option will be the best. Hope that this blog has opened your mind and made the concept clear about what to use and which is the better option. Having any confusion in any point please share that through the comment section given below.

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