Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Commerce (Updated 2019)

What is Mobile Commerce?

You all know about the eCommerce, which means you can buy things online without going to shop. So eCommerce becomes necessary for any business to get good sales over the internet. Nowadays, mobile companies invented new smart phones day by day. So the user can get all the information online on their cellphones. These eCommerce companies are targeted these smartphone users through the mobile website and due to this mobile website Mobile Commerce came in existence.

Advantages of Mobile Commerce:

This mCommerce is beneficial for both types of businesses large scale and small scale. The mobile users increase day by day, so through mCommerce, your business gets large and growing market place for the wild range of goods and services.

1. Cover wild distance : Mobile is the only technology which is now become necessary for any person in social and business life than computers. So, it is easy to reach users through mCommerce.

2. Consumer deals : As more users use mCommerce, there are lots of companies use the mCommerce site to reach them by giving different and better deals in comparison to their competitor.

3. Savings : Companies try to reach to the consumer directly through mCommerce, so users have no need to go far to the store physically and at the end it saves user’s time and money.

4. Easy to use : There is no need of the skilled consumer. Buyers can have look thousands of items on their cell phones and there is no need of online checkout process.

Disadvantages of Mobile Commerce :

Every invention has its own merits and demerits. It is applicable in this mCommerce business also.

1. Smartphone limitation : Mobile has no big screen like desktop or laptops, so sometimes users tired to navigate more and more to choose just one item from thousands. It affects shopping rates.

2. Habituate : Every new technology has some problem at the starting phase. Here mCommerce is a new application, so sometimes people avoid to change which are rapidly change. As they are habituated to buy products from eCommerce.

3. Risk factor : Each business has its own risk. Same Moblie commerce is the growing field and a lot of investment in this field becomes risky. Because technology changes day by day. Moreover, there less security in the wireless network, so in data transfer hacking chances are more.

4. Connectivity : Moblie commerce needs high-speed connectivity of 3G. Otherwise, it is become hectic for the user to go through entire product purchase process.

Your business through Moblie Commerce

You can use your exiting website for mobile commerce rather than to develop from the scratch. So mCommerce sites are cheap in comparison. Consumers become adaptive to the new technology trend as per one survey held in United States.

Future of mCommerce :

No doubt mobile commerce needs some development in the specific areas like secure transaction, better shopping experience, and enhanced graphics. Other than this mobile commerce opens the new era of shopping.

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