Facebook Collecting Data on Your Cursor Movements

Social Networking giant Facebook testing new experiment, collecting data on users cursor movement. Is it against our privacy rights? The social networking company experiment new technology that will catch Facebook users activities on the site and now its being tested now with a small group of users. The news was first reported by Wall Street Journal blog that “The social network may start collecting data on minute user interactions with its content, such as how long a user’s cursor hovers over a certain part of its website, or whether a user’s newsfeed is visible at a given moment on the screen of his or her mobile phone, Facebook analytics chief Ken Rudin said Tuesday during an interview.”

According top the reports Facebook plans to collect two types of data’s form the users demographic and behavioral. Demographic data means  such as where a user lives or went to school and document a users life beyond the social network.

Behavioral data means a users circle of Facebook friends, their interest, likes in real time on the network. With this new experiment Facebook try to deeply know about their users and their nature, its like a business.

Facebook’s spokesperson respond about their new experiments to Mashable that “These experiments look at aggregate trends of how people interact with the site to inform future product decisions. We do not share this information with anyone outside of Facebook and we are not using this information to target ads.”

The Questions?

Why do they want to track our cursor movements?

Is it against users privacy?

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