Finding Your Way Through 4G SIM Only Price Plans on O2

O2 are rolling out their 4G service across the country and places like Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, Nottingham, Leeds, Bradford and London can now enjoy exceptional 4G coverage. For those people not in these areas, by registering with O2 they can find out exactly when their area will be covered by the 4G network. Those looking to subscribe to the 4G service can look forward to receiving a special package put together from O2 which includes a free twelve month subscription to the O2 Tracks service as well as access to exclusive priority sports videos and unique O2 games on mulitplay. Even better is that if, after subscribing to the service, you feel that 4G is simply not for you, then you get your money back. Be sure to check that your phone is 4G ready before you decide to commit to a SIM-only price plan. All you need to know is how much you are going to be paying for the 4G service and the only way to do this is to find the right payment plan for the handset that you are going to be using.

4G Compatibility

Not all phones are compatible with the 4G service, at the moment standard handsets and iPhones are not catered for on O2 4G. However, smartphones and Blackberries are. So if you have a smartphone and want to sign up to the o2 4G service, take a look at the different price plans that you have to choose from. Currently 4G SIM only tariffs run for a period of twelve months, unlike current 3G plans which you can have on a rolling thirty day contract. The amount that you pay on the O2 SIM only price plans will depend on how much data you want included in your package. The more data that you want to cover your internet usage, the more you are going to be paying. Plans start at £26.00 a month, which includes unlimited minutes and unlimited texts as part of the package, but this option only comes with 1GB of data. For £31.00 the data allowance goes up to 5GB, and £36 will bag you a whopping 8GB of data. All three of the packages come with the option of upgrading the package one month earlier than normal.  About the Packages

The unlimited minutes that are included in the three price plans can be used to call landlines and any other UK based mobile phone network. As with any mobile phone package which extends over a period of twelve months, payment is required to be made by direct debit and subject to a credit check. If you want to use your 4G SIM in a phone that is not already on the O2 network then it may require unlocking. Data included in the packages is for UK use only. Before you insert your new SIM into your phone you should wait until an agreed minimum term of contract with your previous supplier has ended. With all O2 SIM only contracts there is a thirty day notification period required should you wish to cancel the contract.

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