Google Malaysia site Hacked

Google’s Malaysia homepage is inaccessible earlier today. Google’s Malaysian site was hacked early today by a group called Pakistani branch’ of ‘TeaM Madleets.’ The home page shows Google Malaysia Stamped by Pakistani Leets, We are Team MADLEETS end with Pakistan Zindabad.’ The Madleet address Facebook page posted on their page that We feel we need to alert anyone, that we don’t hack any country tlds for example as a result of any kind of hate, We don’t hate anyone, We love all humanity, there is no obvious reason for stamping the tlds. Least the reason is not any kind of hate. Whatever the reason is we can’t explain except we love all of you.

Regard’s H4x0rL1f3

Google confirmed to TheVerge that  the problem is with the DNS registry side in Malaysia, and says that access should have been restored. “For a short period, some users visiting were redirected to a different website; Google services for the domain were not hacked, “We’ve been in contact with the organization responsible for managing this domain name and the issue should be resolved.”

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