Great Apps That New iPad Users Should Consider

So, you just made the plunge and purchased that brand new iPad sitting on your desk did you? Well let me tell you, you won’t regret it. There are a ton of great ways you can utilize your new iPad too. We imagine that you’ll find lots of creative and clever ways to put your nifty new device to work for you. However, what are some of the apps that I think all new iPad users should consider among the first few apps they will download?


This one costs a few pounds to buy, but I absolutely love it. Simply hum or sing a song into you iPad’s built-in microphone and SoundHound searches out the song for you. It then gives you the option of streaming the song over YouTube or purchasing the song in the iTunes Store. Never get stuck not knowing a song’s name again. Let SoundHound find it for you!

Desktop Connect

This app also costs a little to buy, but I think the cost is worth it. Of all the apps designed to let your iPad connect with your desktop computers, this one is my favorite. Easily control your other computers from anywhere you have access to the Internet and effortlessly turn your iPad into an almost full-fledged computing device. This app doubles, nay, triples the usefulness of you iPad. Did I mention the price was worth it?


You can already access their content on all three major video game systems and your desktop computer or laptop, but now, you can access it from your iPad. And with the new iPad’s beautiful “retina” display screen, you’ll appreciate being able to stream your content in crisp, 1080p resolution no matter where you are. Finally, you can take your entire Netflix library with you when you travel.

Weather Bug Elite for iPad

Weather Bug used to only provide coverage for the US, so they had a monopoly on this absolutely fantastic app and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone outside of the States. But now that they’ve expanded their coverage to include much of Europe and Asia, us UK natives can now enjoy the fantastic service with real-time weather updates, live Doppler radar views, and weather predictions by the hour, day, and week. Oh, and did I mention? This one is entirely free for the taking.

So you went and bought yourself that iPad for yourself. Let me just say that I don’t think you’ll regret the decision. The list of apps above are among the apps that I recommend users new to the iPad experience make among their first downloads. But although these apps will quickly become some of your favourites, there are thousands of apps out there and depending on your needs, we’re confident that you will be able to put them to great use.

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