How Can Facebook Search Engine Offer More Relevant Results than Google?

You have probably heard all of the fuss that is going on about how Facebook might be able to provide us with better results than Google. Well, the good news is that it is most likely true. Since Facebook has opened up, it has been collecting data from each user that has ever had a profile, which means that over a billion profiles are recorded. It can be hard to realize, but everything you have ever done, messaged, ranked, and everything else is all stored inside their servers. So, how can they use this information to come up with an incredible search engine? Let’s find out.

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Subjective Results are Better

First of all, it’s probably a good thing to point out that FB doesn’t want to try and take over Google or go head to head with them. They admit that Google’s search engine is incredible and can provide great results for informational purposes. Facebook just claims to be able to provide answers to the questions that Google is unable to answer.

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Since people have been interacting with FB on a daily basis for years, they have been able to come up with a enough information to provide answers on subjective questions. Subjective questions are questions such as, “What Are the Best Local Restaurant?”. Since Facebook has so much information regarding where people go, what their experiences were like, and if they are recommended, they are able to provide the most relevant results that can make your whole dining experience much better.
Although Google has a lot of information saved up, it’s nowhere near as much as Facebook when it comes to subjective things. Everyday FB is learning more and more about peoples wants, likes, desires, and everything else.

If you type in subjective questions or something similar into Google, you will usually just get blog posts that talk about that specific topic. The results aren’t directly from statistics, it is just content the someone out there posted. The algorithms between Google and Facebook as much different, which is why they are each great at providing a certain type of result. Google uses things such as link building and keywords in their algorithms, so if someone is determined enough to rank their page, they can. While FB uses hard data in their algorithms, making it much easier to come up with direct answers.

Like I stated previously, Facebook has no intention of completely taking over Google’s search engine, they are just trying to provide their users with an alternative for better subjective results. If everything goes as planned, then people will be able to use Google for more informational purposes, while other people use FB for the things Google can’t come up with. It may take some time to get used to using Facebook as a search engine, but you have to remember that they have so much data to back them up. No matter what, our search experiences are going to be improving more and more in the future, and that is something we can all look forward to.

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