How to Get a Premium Google Adsense Account and the Benefits?

Google adsense is one of the top, famous and trusted money making method on the web. May be you will see some blogs using more than 3 Google ad units on single page. How its not possible or Google disallows for me? They are Google Adsense premium publishers and Google allows them to use more than 3 ad units on single page. What are the difference between normal adsense publisher and premium adsense publisher? How to get a premium Google adsense account and the benefits?

As Normal publisher you can

1. 3 Banner Ads on Single Page

2. 3 Link units on Single Page

3. 2 Google search boxes

There is no more terms and conditions to get basic adsense account. If you have a completed website/blog and your blog dont contains adult, illegal, copyrighted, drugs etc related posts or images you can apply for the Google’s adsense account. If you have some decent traffic and completed site Google will approve an account for you.

The account is for you not for your website. You can place ads on any of your websites or blogs that follows that compelling Google ads terms and conditions. As just a normal publisher if you put more than 3 ad unites on s single page Google will automatically hide the excess ad units.

How to become a premium Adsense publisher?

Some webmasters uses iFrames to display more than 3 ad units per page. But if Google finds you definitely you will lose your account permanently. Here are the terms to get a premium adsense account.

1. You need at least 20 million page views

2. Need at least 5 million search queries returning to your blog or website

Benefits of premium Google Adsense account?

If you get approve for a premium adsense account you will get more advantages than normal adsense account

1. You can put 3 to 5 ad units per page

2. Up to 500% increase in CTR

3. You can change color, font, size of the ad units

4. You can remove “AdChoice” or “Ads by Google” logo

5. Can get separate help from personal account manager

6. Premium account users can decide the share accordingly

7. Special monthly consultations

How to apply for premium Adsense account?

There is no special kind of application to become a premium publisher. Google will induct you automatically if your website have the quality to use premium ads. The Google team will automatically invites you to use the premium account.

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