iPhone 5C Tests: Battery life test, Speed test, Dropdown test

The main attention this year was given to the fact that Apple has recently launched two new versions of the iPhone 5: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Apple’s iPhone 5C is the low cost version of the iPhone 5S.
The overall performance of iPhone 5S is certainly an improvement over its predecessor, even though there aren’t any giant or unexpected changes in the rest of the specifications. Two main things that have clearly improved on the new iPhone include the camera and the processing power, with the new A7 processor capable to perform 64-bit operations. And the operating system had also been updated to iOS7 which has further enhanced the worth.

Good thing is that this year we also have the low price version of the phone which you can purchase at only $99 for the 8GB version. These prices come along with a 2 year contract. If you would opt for an unlocked iPhone 5C/5S you would have to pay more, buy directly from Apple or choose the Verizon CDMA unlocked version. In order not to be stuck with one carrier you also have the option to unlock your IPhone 5C or IPhone 5S as soon as you buy it. There are a lot of online services offering quality unlocking solutions for IPhone 5S and IPhone 5C. Just be sure to use a professional and popular one like iPhone5Cunlock.

Finally, this time there are also more colour options than the usual white and grey. Apple has probably taken inspiration from Samsung which has been doing this with its Galaxy phones for quite a while.

Reviews and tests have been performed about different technical aspects of the device so let’s take a closer look at the technical specs.

iPhone 5C seems to live up to the expectations when it comes to the battery life.

It certainly lasts longer than iPhone 5 and with 3G calls, 5C can manage a talk time of up to 10 hours or a little more which is quite an improvement over its predecessor which lurked just around 8 hours. When browsing the internet, however, iPhone 5 seemed to have an edge over the new phone, although the difference is not huge. The battery of iPhone 5C lasted for a few minutes over 9 hours which is a good 50 minutes less than iPhone 5.

But there is another, probably more important, front on which iPhone 5C seems to be clearly beaten by its predecessor. The video playback time on iPhone 5C could stretch to nearly 8 hours before the 10 percent mark. This is at least a couple of hours less than iPhone 5. But of course, there are certain factors that explain this quick drainage of the battery. Among these factors, we can include iOS 7 and as the 64-bit processing of the phone which obviously is more demanding. And then certain things have been improved as well. For instance, stand by time of the phone has clearly been increased which is also mainly due to iOS7.
Is IPhone 5C faster than the previously IPhone 5?

Speed is definitely another important of comparison between the two devices. There are certain things that predictably give iPhone 5C better speeds compared to the previous iPhone. This includes a new A7 64-bit processor which is coupled with another M7 Motion Control processor. This combination significantly enhances the overall capabilities of the phone, including speed. Apple claimed that the new iPhone would provide about twice the speed of its predecessor, although many thought this was hardly anything more than advertisement.

However, tests have shown that iPhone 5C actually has significantly higher speeds than iPhone 5. Indeed, the overall system performance of iPhone has increased from about 1300 on iPhone 5 to 2557 on iPhone 5C, which is almost double. Similarly, the graphics performance has increased from 36fps to 53 fps. Response time in web browsing has significantly decreased and finally, web browsing performance has enormously improved. Increase of speed was certainly expected, thanks to the new processer, but this is even more than what most people had expected. Although the results are not perfect since variations can always be found in benchmarking, but these comparisons give a good idea of the superior performance of the new iPhone. In order to test how fast is your IPhone 5C or 5S just run your speed test by downloading a free speed test app from the Apple store.
Drop it like it’s hot! What happens?

Finally, let’s talk a bit about the drop down tests which would give you an idea about the physical endurance of the phones. A few results were performed by tech critics and enthusiasts and were uploaded over the internet: Watch on YouTube.

As per these results, the aluminium body and metallic materials of iPhone 5S clearly seem to have better survival chances from a fall compared to the plastic body of iPhone 5C. Both phones were dropped from the same height to test the endurance. iPhone 5S survived the fall with minor scratches and no serious damage to its display or the rest of the body. When, however, iPhone 5C was dropped from the same height, its screen developed a spider web and was rendered useless. So definitely, the material of iPhone 5S is superior compared to the other phone.

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