Know How Twitter Can Be Beneficial for Law Firms

Learn Why Every Law Firm Must Use Twitter to Attract More Clients In this information age, small and medium-sized businesses can improve business by getting connected and staying in touch with the outside world. Practically, almost every business is on social media today, which means business owners are beginning to see and feel the impact of the power of social media. These followers convert to sales, they are not just there to be called ”fans”. But lawyers haven’t been excluded from the bandwagon either, so they are asking the value of integrating twitter into their marketing tools.

Obviously, it requires some facts to support that indeed twitter is an indispensable tool for lawyers. In light to this, a study was conducted by Market Probe International which surveyed 500 participants aged 18 years and above, across the whole continents of USA and UK. And in deed, the findings were way beyond what small and medium-sized business could expect. Here’s mathematical proof if you want to know how twitter can be beneficial for law firms–in relation to the above study.

(a) 72% say they will purchase from a business after interacting with them on social media for some time.
(b) 30% were likely to refer their friends to a business they’ve interacted with on social media.
(c) 80% of participants admitted that they were more likely to visit an SMB if they were introduced by a friend.
(d) 73% of these participants said they were following SMBs to get the latest updates on future products.
(e) 34% of participants said they immediately got interested in SMBs after seeing an Ad that contained the business’ twitter handle.

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That said, how does that work to favor lawyers and their businesses? You may want to ask. Realize that there are a number of benefits you’ll enjoy if you take your law firm social, and that’s through twitter or any other platform. You are not wasting time here, instead, you are trying to reach more clients by showing them what you do and why you are the best.

1) You’ll Expand Your Audience

72% admitted that they were willing to do business with a company after interacting with them on social media. That number could work to your advantage as well. How do you convince someone that you are the best lawyer when they’ve never heard about you? They don’t even have a clue of who you are, and yet you’re telling them how good you are at handling cases. These people must know you, even if they’ve never done business with you. It’s a long term strategy for building a potential client base.

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2) You’ll Get More Reference

It’s not in vain that lawyers take their business on social media. The very same people who interact with you on a daily basis are the people who will give you more business by referring their friends to you. They must have seen your posts, your comments and feedback and they always keep in touch with what you write. The next time a friend is caught up in a legal battle, they’ll only be thinking of contacting you for advice. You can jump into that opportunity and convert it to sales.

3) They Want to Keep in Touch With You

Truth be told, we are leaving in a world where people only want to access the latest information in any field. Twitter is like a forum where you can interact with your followers. They’ll want to listen to your thoughts about the latest bill that was passed, what you think about certain court cases etc. The same thing happens with other businesses that produce different products and services. Followers want to satisfy their curiosity too. So they want you to give some information on any upcoming product/service/events you may have in place. And 73% of the participants in the above study supported that fact.

4) It’s a Way to Advertise

Small and medium-sized business spend lots of money in advertisement costs. The reason for this is because they are just starting out and people still don’t know them, so they need to get the news out there at whatever cost. Twitter and other social media platforms are a cost-cutting measure when it comes to advertising your business. You don’t have to stick to expensive newspaper ads when you can even buy followers on twitter and advertise to them free of charge. All you need is a smartphone and a computer.Lawyers who have discovered the power of twitter utilize it for the benefit of their businesses. That client you are looking for is right there, at the palm of your hands, so take advantage of the situation and let them know you are the best.

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