Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks supporting Mobile Application Development

If we want to create mobile applications, there would be multiple challenges associated, especially, when compared to the regular desktops and laptops. The primary challenge that should be taken into account is the smaller few space compared to the large screens of desktops. Another challenge associated with the mobile applications is the limited bandwidth. Hey! There is nothing to worry about them and limit the features. There are a good number of tools available to develop your web applications intended for mobile access. Let us explore what are they and how they can be useful.  

1. Titanium Mobile JavaScript Frameworks

The Titanium Mobile JavaScript Framework is an essential JavaScript framework preferred to develop the mobile applications that are native for the operating systems both Android and iOS. You can make the applications to be flexible as there is a large suite of API. We sometimes get stuck during the development of the complex and cutting edge application and in that case too, there is nothing to worry, as there is a large community of developers who help you out move on with the development. You would also get the support for advanced features like accessing camera etc.

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2. The M Project

The M Project is the most renowned JavaScript framework for mobiles. It uses the advanced HTML 5 features for developing mobile apps. This framework is based on the controller and model views separately so that during the development process, you could select different aspects.

3. Jo Mobile JavaScript Framework

The Jo Mobile framework is enriched with rich and potent features of HTML 5, relevant to mobile development. Using this framework, you can develop the apps for iOS, Blackberry, webOS, ChromeOS as well as Android. The native applications can also be made with the same code for multiple operating systems.  

4. jQuery Mobile

jQuery framework is an easily themable and has light weight code for the web applications for mobile with touch optimization and uses the operating systems like iOS and Android. This framework has been built on the jQuery UI foundation. Numerous built-in tools can be found in this framework to develop the applications that are eye-catching as well as with good functionality, to develop fast and robust applications for the mobiles. You do not need to worry about the complexities, as it supports with easily understandable documentation. So, all you need to know is jQuery basically to develop intelligent and solid mobile applications very fast for Android and iOS.


DHTML X is used to develop the touch screen based mobile apps and is widely used JavaScript framework for mobiles. It is a free HTML framework which is easy and fast to develop the apps. With the help of visual editor, you can create solid user interfaces easily and you don’t have to really write lengthy codes for the same.

6. Zepto.JS

Zepto is a lightweight framework and so it can help you develop the mobile apps easily, using several mobile operating systems. It takes less bandwidth as it weighs just 5 KB and the fact allows you to develop great mobile applications.


XUIL.JS is the ideal or the best platform for developing mobile apps as it supports event handling, AJAX etc. Such support helps out to create flexible and robust applications. Not only for mobile operating systems, you can also develop the applications for some specific browsers with support of the community and documentation.  

8. ChocolateChip Mobile

The ChocolateChip Mobile framework has the syntax, similar to jQuery prototype. You can sure make impressive mobile apps with its features of ethodds, such as .css & .toggleclass and event handling along with delegation and binding.

9. Embed JS

You can develop impressive and wide apps for TVs, Smartphone, tablets etc., using this framework. You can customize the build with smaller codes.

10. Mobilize.JS

If your task is to convert the existing website to its mobile version, Mobilize.JS is there for you with impressive long features.

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