Top 10 Post Penguin Link Building Strategies

There are no shortcuts to success in life. If you remember this well enough, you would realize that there are no short cuts to successful SEO either. Many of you attempt at using those irresponsible blog comment techniques or, just simply posting other’s articles and, claiming them your own to get people to your website. These shortcuts don’t pay off well. Instead very soon your website would be blacklisted by Google and, you would have to start from scratch.

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There’s a whole list of white hat link building strategies which if used properly can get you the right ranking and, the perfect audience.

1. The Guest Posting Way

Yes, there are many people out there who would like to tell you that guest posting has been scrapped by Google and, you would stop performing this task. Well, the whole truth is that guest posting is the fun way of grabbing maximum audience. You just need to be careful on where you are posting. Avoid low quality sites! Check where your competitor’s are posting. Checkout some benefits of guest blogging.

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2. Commenting on Blogs

Carrying forward a discussion as an entity will get you a lot of people. It cannot be called as one of the best methods to build links but, it is definitely a good way to get audiences. You just need to be careful on what kind of blogs are you’re approaching. Also make sure you contribute to the discussion and, do not cause a spam.

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3. Social Media

Instead of bookmarking on social bookmarking sites, try out posting on social media. Your audiences are present there and, by linking your site to these social media sites you would engage more audiences. You need to travel your niche to gather the right audiences. You can build relationships well while you are at it.

4. Linking Out

When you blog, start out by linking out someone else’s blog or website for readers to go to. When you do this, you develop a space for people to build on. A relationship comes into existence which later helps you build links. When you start out stating their links, you will be stated in their blogs as well. It is also recommended to link to high authority sites from content. Check out Neil Patel’s tips on linking to high authority sites.

5. Reach Out

How about reaching out to people through your content? Tell them about this blog post and, make them come and visit you. You could probably leave them a comment on their blog and, ask them to visit a blog which is similar to their blog.

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6. The Broken Link Building Strategy

This is an interesting strategy. If you find some site with a broken link, you can actually tell them about the broken link. At the same time you can also suggest that they link their site with yours thus performing a link building exercise. Specialist content with a back link checker on the broken link would help you build link. You can perform this on various sites as well.

7. Images plus Links

Your site is pretty visual in terms of its content then chances are that people around are using your images. What you can do is ask them to give you image credits and, link that image to your website. This way they can use the image and, you can build your links.

8. Link Building with Competitor

Find out using the back link checker where your competitor’s links are being linked. You can try linking with them too. A research and, a bit of software use will help you know what the various sites you could possibly link to are.

9. The Blogging Contest

This is the best way to gain visibility. Try contacting for sponsors for prizes else get it out of your own kitty. Contact bloggers on social media space and, launch the contest with a set of rules. This would definitely bring in enough visibility to your site.

10. Mention the Brand

When your blog or some author is being mentioned on another site, you could ask for a back link. You should not straightaway go and ask but, you could probably ask them once you build a relationship with them.

With these white hat link building strategies, you can possibly increase the visibility of your website, exclusive websites will help you among your niche and increase the traffic on website in an ethical manner.

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