Top 10 Quiz Apps gone Free in October

If you like mind games and you are looking for the most exciting apps at a great price or free, please take a look at our list below. It contains best voted quiz apps, trivia apps or puzzle apps.

Trivia by Quipper Limited

It is a fast answer game, it can be played with real opponents or even friends.

4 Pics 1 Movie

The game provides 4 pictures or icons which let you guess the movie that relates with all pictures. It is totally addictive for film lovers and not only. Still, some of the movies could be very difficult to guess especially for those who didn’t see that specific film. We QuizAnswers, a website that offers hints and solutions in case you get stuck on a certain level of 4 Pics 1 Movie.

Logos Quiz Game

Number one in Trivia Games since June 2012, LogosQuiz is a fun game that makes us guess the logo of different companies, most of them met in our day to day life. The game comes with hints and provides help in exchange for social share or AppStore purchasing.

4 Pics 1 Word

Launched in 2013 has already reached number one in Word Games in August this year. The game is basically a riddle consisting in 4 pictures with a common meaning.

Icon Pop Quiz

The game contains icons of famous people or characters, movie makers, actors, musicians, political leaders and so many more. All icons can be downloaded as wallpapers.

100 Floors

The game is one of the best puzzle games on iOS. It requires the players to unlock the doors to reach next levels.

Hi Guess the Movie

Have an image and guess from what movie is it. The game is updated continuously in order to come with new levels every month.

94 Seconds

You have 94 seconds to come with as many answers is possible for a fruit, a sport a mammal starting with different letters.

Wiz Quiz Fun Trivia

Awesome questions a lot of fun, the game has a lot to offer. It gives you 50/50 help, free guess hints and many rewards for playing.

IMDb Trivia

It is the official entertainment app from The game offers hundreds of questions about film world and showbiz. The app has a lot of social features like share your score, compete with your friends and unlocks new levels once you reach a certain level of difficulty.


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