Top 5 free Image Hosting services to Host your Blog post Images

Image hosting is always been a problem for Bloggers, if they have self hosting accounts or no self hosting accounts. If you uploading all images to your server that will will make your website to load slowly, may be visitors will annoy because of slow and will chance to left your blog and the site which loads will get negative effects from search engines like Google, Bing, also images will consume more bandwidth and will make your site to give “Internal Server Error.”

If you have limited space you can try image hosting services to host your blog post images. Normally if we want to host a video we will use professional video hosting services like YouTube or YouTube alternatives. While there are so many image hosting services available but few have high quality and exist for more than years.

For Bloggers who have limited bandwidth and who want to run their blog pages more fast they can try the image hosting services. Here we go with the webs most powerful free image hosting services. No more worry about your image hostings.

1. Flickr

The worlds largest photo sharing site also known as the Facebook of photo sharing the Yahoo owned website. Flickr is not just a photo sharing site but its works like a social network with millions of users. Normally professional photographers uses Flickr to show their photographic talent. When you start to use Flickr normally you never going to reach your limit because Flick allows every users 1 Terabyte for free it means you can upload more than 500,000 in 6.5 mega pixels. So Flickr is everything to host your images and also you host videos in Flickr.

Its very easy to host images on Flickr. Just want to sign in to your account and you can see an option ‘upload’ on the top of the page. After uploading the image you will be redirected to your photostream and the next step is you just want to click the image you want to post on your blog or website.

If you click you can see an option like this on Flickr.

You just want to copy the code “” width=”640″ height=”360″ here and to paste on your blog with adding other necessary HTML codes. You have the options to get different changes like sqauare, medium square, small, medium and original. You can change the image title with your desired titles.

2. Imgur

My favorite website and majority of the images on hosted on Imgur. If you are familiar with reddit definitely you have the knowledge about Imgur. Imgur is Reddit’s favorite image host and the site is fast becoming one of the internet’s biggest communities. Not just to host your images but Imgur is also a community with millions of users who are ready to view your image. Now reports says that Imgur  Imgur’s claim 100 million unique visitors per month.

Hosting on Imgur is very simple just want to sign up or if you have an account you can sign in and you can upload your image. You all have a profile on Imgur like your It will help you to collect all your images and can easily find any images if you need that image again. If you upload an image on Imgur you will be redirected to the page with lot of options to use the hosted image.

You have variety of options to use the image hosted on Imgur like for Emailing purposes, HTML Images for websites and blogs etc.

3. Photobucket

Another great photo sharing site. One of the webs oldest photo sharing and hosting website founded in 2013 by Alex Welch and Darren Crystal. So far Photobucket hosted 10 billion images from 100 million registered users. This helps to becomes the largest photo sharing service after Flickr.

Sign in to your account and the upload the image you want to host. After uploading the image please click on the image then you will go to the page and you can see the links you can use to display the image on your blog.


The California based free image hosting company launched in 2003. The image file must be in JPEG (JPG), PNG, GIF, TIFF (TIF), BMP, formats and ImageShack 5GB free of storage for every accounts. Sign in to your account and you can see the option to upload the image. 

After the image uploading you want to go to your image gallery can see right on the top just near your user name with the title ‘my images’. In gallery you can see all your images in thumb nail sizes just near all of your images you have the options in icons to share the image, image details, option to delete etc.


Like name you can host your images for free. Registration on is optional you can host images with also with out registration.

After uploading the image you can see different options to use the images like HTML thumbnail links, HTML full size links for websites and blogs and for forum and message board link.

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