Which Embedding looks more beautiful, posts from Facebook, Twitter or from Google+?

In earlier only popular video uploading sites like YouTube and Vimeo allows users to embed videos to bloggers blog posts. Now all major social networking sites allows users to embed the posts from the site to their websites or to blogs. As earlier Social Networks like Twitter and Pinterest allows users to embed posts recently social giant Facebook and Google+ allows users to embed posts.

For business purposes or for blogging we can use Embed in creative ways. Embedding posts from Twitter, Google+ or from Facebook on your website can help you increase engagement and visibility. Here we not to discuss about Embedding or the importance of embedding. But going to embed an image on these social networks, just analyzing which looks more good and better. I’m a fan of BMW so i just use their image for embedding.

Embed a Twitter Post

Embedding tweets from Twitter is excellent and simple. To embed a tweet from Twitter is easy just easy. Sign in is not important to embed a Tweet because Tweets are public. Select the post you want to embed and click on the bottom right hand corner it says ‘more‘ you can see options Embed Tweet.

Embed a Facebook Post

On last August Facebook introduced embed posts that allows uses to post public images into their blogs or HTML files. Users can embed status from Facebook which are public. You must logged in to do this. Click on the top right of Facebook posts you can see an option to embed posts.

On Facebook embed posts users can like, comment or share from the embed.

Embed a Google+ Post

In last September Google owned social networking site Google+ introduces embedded posts and attribution. With this new feature bloggers can embed any public pots from Google+ to their blog like what they already do in Facebook, Twitter. Google+ embed system is similar to Facebook’s, click on the top right of Facebook posts you can see an option to embed posts.

More popular?

No doubt about that. Twitter’s embedding system is more popular than any other and used widely because its public and compare to any other social networks celebrities, companies using Twitter to update their status and important information’s. Bloggers and news networks use Twitter embed posts because its real time source for news.

Which looks more stylish?

May be a Facebook fan will say he loves Facebook’s embedding system like that a Twitter fan or Google+ fan. As readers you have your own views. Lets share which looks more beautiful posts from Facebook, Twitter or from Google+?

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