Wikipedia results without Internet – Get results via free Mobile SMS

Wikipedia the worlds largest internet encyclopedia plans to start a revolutionary feature. So far there its impossible to get Wikipedia results with out internet connection. Wikimedia the team behind Wikipedia is pioliting a Wikipedia via mobile sms that will helps millions of users while they are offline.

The new project called Wikipedia Zero will launch in Kenya through a partnership with telecom company Airtel. Wikimedia officially announced on their blog post that “Today Airtel and the Wikimedia Foundation announced a partnership to launch Wikipedia Zero, an initiative to provide free access to Wikipedia on mobile phones. This partnership with Airtel will help provide Wikipedia access to 70 million new users in sub-saharan Africa, starting in Kenya.

One exciting aspect of this partnership is that we are reaching a group of people we’ve never been able to reach before: mobile phone customers who don’t have internet access.”

How its Works?

To access Wikipedia via mobile first users with Airtel need to call *515# from your mobile device and you and get a text message inviting them to search Wikipedia. Then the next step is you just want to enter the search term for example “Twitter” in the same manner they would send a text message.

Then, two other menus appear that let the subscriber clarify which article they are interested in. The first response is a list of possible matching articles to the search term and the user chooses the best match.Then the Wikipedia article section headers are listed, and the user chooses which section to read.

With the list user can quickly select any Wikipedia article. You will get about a paragraph of the article is sent to the phone via text, and the subscriber can respond to continue reading that article.

Wikimedia says that the new feature will work without any applications. Wikimedia says that users don’t need any applications As long as the user has network coverage users are able to use this feature. Wikimedia partnered with the Praekelt Foundation with expertise in text messaging.


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