3 More Additional Features we Expect from Facebook

Facebook is the worlds largest social network platform owned by Facebook Inc founded by Mark Zuckerberg with more than 1 billion users approximately 1.2 billion users. With out any doubt Facebook is the worlds trending social networking with users or technologically platform that allows users to engage very well on the network. No doubt Facebook is our favorite, most used social network. Users can engage on Facebook with liking others contents, sharing, Facebook fan pages, groups, live chatting, video calling etc. There is no more any other network didn’t allows users to engage on a social network like this.

Is Facebook missing anything? Not technologically, if Facebook add some more additional features we will become more happy. What are the additional features we expect from Facebook, if they added we will happy.

1. Special alert for Close Friends

Facebook friends are special for us, if they are in close friends list we want to know every sign in of the them in the network. We more like to chat with them. If Facebook add a special alert while our close friends come to online that makes us more happy. A special sound alert that pings when our loved ones come to online.

2. My Pending Requests

Is possible to know how many friend request sent by me but not accepted on Facebook? Answer is Yes and also No. Yes because if we sent request to Facebook users who enabled following button, also we started to Follow him. If they didn’t accept our request we can find our pending requests.

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Just go to our Friends list, there as menu tab all friends, recently added, followers next we can see the list of people we follows. You can check the list to people who nod accept your requests.

But still lot of users didn’t enabled follow button on their Facebook profile. If we sent request to them we cant find users as a list who not accept our request. We are happy if Facebook allows us to see a list of our pending friendship requests.

3. Audio Call

I dont says its a necessary future. But some times i try to contact my friends via Facebook video calling he replies that i have no web cam. If Facebook add an audio only call option to Facebook users that will be get some use.

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I dont say these are negative aspect of the social legend Facebook. But if Facebook added these features too that will feels well for users like me.

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