5 Reasons why i love Google Hangout over Skype for Video Chats

Skype the worlds popular and widely used freemium voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client now owned by Microsoft. Skype released on 2003 and in October 2011 Microsoft Corporation, the American multinational company acquired Skype communications for $8.5 billion. Skype had more than 70 million users world wide and they spent 700 million minutes a day on Skype audio calls, nothing to say Skype is the worlds largest communication tool used to engage for personal or for business.

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Google Hangout is the search engine giants take on chat rooms. Google hangout, not big like Skype but it gives a great experience to users. Now i’m using Google hangout to communicate with my friends more than Skype. Have some reasons behind that. Here we go with the reasons why love Google Hangout over Skype for video chats.

Its Free!

The major reason why i love Google Hangout is its free and its a part of Google’s social networking platform Google+. On Google hangouts you can invite up to 9 friends into a video chat free. But in Skype users allows free one-on-one video chats and if you want to add a third person to the conversation you have to upgrade to Skype Premium or make do with audio only.

Group Sharing

Its definitely bigger, Skype allows only 2 users to integrate more comfort for free and Google hangout allows users up to 10 is single conversation. Which is better for a nice conference? Definitely its Google hangout and is great.

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Skype allows users to share what’s on your screen with everyone else on your call, but like group chat its only for premium users. In Google hangouts, it seems professional environment and users can share photos with the entire group and also Google Drive is integrated with Hangouts.

Integrated Apps

Google Hangouts offers a selection of optional apps like YouTube, Google Drive. You can watch a YouTube video with your friends and can play games while you are in hangout chatting or video chatting.

But Skype only allows yo to can send files so far there is no more additional apps or functions for Skype users.

Live Broadcasting

When you setup Google Hangouts you have the options Hangouts on Air. Your Hangout will be broadcast live on your YouTube channel and on your Google+ stream. In Skype there is no hope of live broadcasting.

Easy to get Started

For beginners Google hangouts is the best compare to Skype. In the Internet words almost every users have a Gmail account, everyone with a Google and Google+ activated account can start the communication. There is no more functions needed and all updates happen automatically.

To start communication through Skype you want to create an account online and download the version of Skype for your device if its for your personal computer, mobile or tablet.

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