7 Reasons why the Amazon Affiliate Program is a Good Choice

Affiliate marketing, bloggers knows a lot about that. Normally Bloggers primary source of income is Google Adsense and they run their successfully the next way of method to make money is Affiliate marketing. If you have a high quality blog and you receive tons of visitors per day may be you can earn more and more money from Affiliate network than what you earn fro Google Adsense.

So what is affiliate marketing? We all knows Affiliate marketing can simply define as if you sell a product from your website you will get a percentage of commission for that. As web definitions it’s a type of performance based marketing. The Affiliate marketing networks have 4 core players they are the merchant, network, publisher and the buyer or customer.

Many Bloggers feels that Affiliate Networking is not trustworthy and they didn’t pay our commissions properly. If you have a blog you can try different affiliate programs for small, medium or large sized blogs like Amazon Affiliates, Ebay, LinkShare, ShareASale etc. Which is best? Who is trust worthy? Who pays you properly? No doubt about that, its Amazon Affiliates. I have some reasons why Amazon Affiliate program is a good choice for all.

1. Trusted Brand

Amazon is the one of the worlds trusted brand for bloggers and product buyers. According to Nielson Research, Amazon is the most trusted brand and the number one most popular shopping destination on the web. Normally buyers from United States, UK or from any other countries  spend more money on Amazon than any other sites because Amazon is trusted.

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Also lot of records Amazon pays the money properly to the publishers. So buyers don’t hesitate to buy products from Amazon if they liked the product and they will pay your commission properly. So don’t worry to choose Amazon affiliate program for your blogs.

2. Easy to Get Approval

Its easy to get approval for a Amazon Affiliate account. There is no more conditions like Google Adsense like dont click on your own ads like that. If you sell a product you will get commission. That’s the deal.

If you have a decent blog you get approve. In normal conditions Amazon will review your application and get back to you with in 24 hours.

3. Good Commissions on Higher Value Products

Major reason why many peoples don’t use the Amazon Affiliate programs is the commissions are too small. Amazon only start at 4% and for most products and go as high as 8% depending  how many total products you sold. For example you promote books and make business for $10 you will get paid just $0.4.

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You can try higher value products and earn good commissions. If you promote hig valued products like TV, Camera  and other electronics products if a sales is done you will get more commissions.

4. Wide Range of Products

This is a major reason why you should opt Amazon Affiliates. Tons of products  they had in their networks. There is no matter which niche your blog is. If you have a technology blog you can display products like Amazon Kindle, Watches etc. If have gadget blog, you can display earphones, mobile phones, if have SEO blogs you can display SEO books, Blogging Tips and Tricks books etc.

5. People buy More than One Item

The great thing about Amazon Affiliates is you don’t just earn a commission on the product the sales lead by you but you can earn the person buy anything for Amazon.com in 24 hours. If the person buy 5 items in 24 hours you will get paid for the commissions for the products. The quote is “one out of every four shoppers buys more than one item per session”.

6. Holiday Promotions

This is a major advantage for bloggers who choose Amazon affiliate networks. If you properly promote you products on holidays may be you can sales a lot of products than you sales in non-holiday seasons. Also Amazon offers special commissions in these days. Not only in Christmas days also Amazon offers high commissions in Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc.

Also in Holiday seasons sales through Amazon will be increase and Christmas seasons particularly profitable to promote the products.

7. Different Payment Options

Amazon pay you the commission in different ways. If you need you can get your payments direct deposit to your bank account. Also Amazon offers Amazon gift card and products instead of cash.

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