8 Reasons Why Oracle Database Platform Is The Most Preferred (Updated)

Oracle has been the leading database services provider in the world for a long time, for a number of reasons. When compared to other database solutions in the market, the cost of implementing Oracle databases can be very high for a company.

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In spite of the complexities and the costs involved in using the Oracle database platform, many businesses prefer it over others, mostly due to the many performance features and robust functionality it provides. Here are some reasons why Oracle is a highly preferred database solution.

1. Performance

Performance is perhaps the main feature that developers look for when choosing a database system. The other popular databases like MySQL may be easier to use and cost less than Oracle, but their performance is limited to just a few hundred gigabytes.

This means that companies with huge amounts of data cannot effectively use them, at least not without major performance issues. Oracle databases on the other hand are known to support several terabytes of data without any performance issues whatsoever.

2. Scalability

Scalability is a very important attribute that businesses consider. Oracle databases are highly scalable and support vertical and horizontal scalability.

Vertical scalability is a feature where you can upgrade the processor and add memory to a certain extent. This feature is also available in most other DB solutions on the market.

Where Oracle sets itself apart is the support of horizontal scalability, where multiple servers are combined to form a cluster of the same database. So as extra resources are needed, the business can keep adding multiple servers and form new clusters using the Oracle Real Application Cluster technology. This significantly increases the extent of scalability

3. Functionality

The many features offered by Oracle databases make them highly useful in a variety of industries, from retail to big business financial systems.  The dynamic function sets and versatility of the interface are a key aspect that drives usage by most fortune 500 companies globally, including a number of major world banks.

In fact, Oracle is the leading database service provider for the global banking industry, with ten of the top banks in the world relying on it. The groundbreaking technology used and the integrated business intelligence solutions provided by Oracle make it highly functional, and thus, useful for a number of large corporations that deal with huge quantities of data on a daily basis.

4. Reliability

Data assurance is one of the prime features that make Oracle a preferred database solution. Oracle not only promises performance; it promises consistent up-time, which gives DBAs a lot of confidence in it.

Oracle databases are known for performing optimally without any issues, even in the most challenging environments. Also, the databases have successfully passed the ACID test that determines whether or not the integrity of data is maintained in the database.

5. OS Compatibility

One of the major disadvantages of choosing MySQL is that it works only with windows operating systems, but not with any variant of UNIX operating system. Unix OS is a lot more stable and reliable than Microsoft Windows, which is prone to crashes when dealing with a mass amount of data.

Oracle is an authentic enterprise solution and is compatible not only with Microsoft Windows but with all other UNIX operating system variants. This makes it a preferred option for businesses that deal with large data, and run on UNIX based operating systems.

6. Customer Centric

Oracle’s database solutions are customer centric, and aim at customer satisfaction rather than at cost-effectiveness. That is why all database products from Oracle are backward compatible, which means businesses can upgrade their systems and still be able to use the database system, without any modifications.

Also, every new version of Oracle’s database products includes the features available in the previous versions, so that the business’ functions are not affected in any way.

7. Oracle’s Unique Flashback Technology

Data lost or corrupted due to system outages can result in huge losses for a company. Sometimes data can be lost entirely if not properly backed up manually or via a cron job.

In the event of data loss or deletion, Oracle’s Flashback Technology can help the business retrieve it with ease. This technology almost nullifies the human error factor, and minimizes the data recovery time, thus saving the company time and money.

8. Support

Oracle provides excellent tech support for its customers, which makes it a well-respected, undisputed leader in the database market. They also provide Oracle DBA training through their online university and certified partner network to bring IT professionals along and help fill jobs effectively.

When it comes to performance, scalability, consistency and reliability, it clear why a large number of big businesses choose to make the extra investment in the world’s leading enterprise DB solution, Oracle.  You can get started with Oracle at and you can get certified with instructor lead online training by clicking here.

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