7 Common Adsense Myths you should Avoid

Bloggers dream makes money with their blogs. Where from the start? Yes starting from Google Adsense. One of the biggest dreams on Bloggers is getting approval from Google Adsense and making a decent money. In the beginning Bloggers think that they can easily make money from Adsense, the fact is most Bloggers fail to make money. Sometimes newbies believe that Google will create some reasons to ban their account. No, it’s not Google never ban you from Adsense if you strictly follow their terms and conditions. We call that Adsense myth, misunderstanding about Google. Here are some common myths you should avoid while using Google Adsense.

1. Millionaire in Months

It’s not easy to make money from Google Adsense if you have a blog with tons of visitors per day. Bloggers think that they can easily make money from Adsense, if they can’t make money sometimes they will drop Blogging. The fact is the only small percentage of Bloggers make money from their blogs via Adsense.

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I won’t say it is impossible, it’s possible if you work hard on your blog sites. Definitely, it’s not possible ‘Millionaire in just Months.”

2. Image Ads or only Worth

This is a myth. Image ads are worth but it’s not only. Ad units are categorized as Image Ads, Text ads, and Link Ads. The majority of Bloggers think that only image ads get more clicks because its attracts more visitors. But the fact is using too many image ads will annoy the readers.

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Visitors more likely to click on text ads and link ads if you use the ads in proper places. I can feel an increase in my Adsense earning when I start to using Link ads in blog post contents.

3. More Ad units, more Money

This is wrong. Most of the newbie Bloggers  believe that putting a lot of Ads will help them to increase their earnings. It’s not the fact it might reduce your chance of earning. Maybe you will notice Blogs with high traffic will use one or two ad units on a single page.

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Also, notice that a lot of newbies believes that Adsense is the only way to make money from Blogs. Darren Rose the founder of problogger.net, says that he makes a lot of money with affiliate marketing than Adsense, he currently stopped using Adsense.

4. Google bans if you earn too much from Adsense

One of the rubbish myth about Google Adsense. Google never gives restrictions to make money with Google Adsense. Google never ban you if you make money from Google Adsense in the proper way. A lot of Bloggers earns tons of dollars per month and they’ve done that for more than 3 years.

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If you make more earning from your Adsense also Google earns more money. Then why Google bans if you earn too much from Adsense?

5. You must do SEO on your site

New generation Adsense myth. Google never compose you to do SEO on your site. Also, some say that you must have SEO on your site while you apply for Adsense. Google never check site any website or blog  the  owners done in terms of SEO. So far we never heard about any Google rejection of Adsense if the site has no SEO.

SEO is a process to get more visitors to your blog from search engines, making your website/blog more search engine friendly. If you done your SEO property you have some advantages.

6. Google bans you when to reach you reach your payment threshold

Worst myth I ever heard. A lot of feels that Google will ban their account when they reach payment threshold. Note Google makes revenue from your Adsense. It’s a myth created by people got banned for something else.

7. Google never reinstate your Adsense account once it’s Disabled

This is a mistake. I have the experience. In last April, I received an email from Google Adsense team that they disabled my account due to invalid clicks. I know I never clicked on my ad units or never force anyone to click on my ads.

I appealed with my situation. After 12 days I received an email from AdSense team says that “Thank you for clarifying your situation. We’ve reviewed your circumstances and have reinstated your account, effective immediately. Please note that there will be a delay of up to 48 hours before our servers are informed of the update and ads start running on your website again.”

I got my account back because I never make any fraud activity on Adsense. If Google feels any fraud activity on your account they will disable your account temporarily. The Adsense team never ban your account without proper reason.

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