How to Find the Top Blogs That Matter?

You’ll find top blog lists all over the Internet, but these are compilations by individuals. How do you learn which are truly the best and most influential blogs? It is easier than you might think. Why You Need to Know What the Top Blogs Are?

What’s the point of finding out which blogs are the most influential? This information can help you find blogs that you want to follow. They are influential for good reason. You can learn quite a bit by following the biggest bloggers in the business.

However, there is another reason to find the best blogs. You can use them to reach more people. When you leave a comment on a top blog, you can guarantee that plenty of people will see it.

Make sure you have a good internet connection to get the most out of the blogs. You’ll be visiting some pretty image heavy sites and slow connections can cause problems. It’s a good idea to find fast internet access in your area using sites such as

Finding Top Blogs

There are several methods of finding the best blogs. One of the simplest is to check the Technorati website for the top 100. The site has an overall list, but you can also check the top 100 in specific categories. The categories include entertainment, business, living, politics and fashion, among many others. You can sort by category and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Technorati gives authority to blogs according to the links on the website and how many sites link to it. Within a specific topic, blogs are ranks according to linking behavior and relevancy to its category. Other data is used, as well, but this is not public knowledge.

Alexa can also give you an idea as to which blogs are doing well. However, this site works differently. It ranks all websites, not just blogs. You can check their list of top sites to see which ones are blogs, but the easiest way to use the tool is to input several blog URLs and see which ones rank highest. The rankings are based on traffic.

Finally, you can use social bookmarking sites to find high ranking and popular blog sites. Check some of the more popular social bookmarking websites such as Digg or There you can find rating sites. These will rate blogs, usually in a specific category, according to user ratings. This is a good way to find niche sites that could be useful to you.

Once you have chosen a method of finding the best blog sites, make a list of the ones you want to follow. You may wish to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, as well. Add them to your blog reader and you’ll never miss a post.

The top blogs in any niche, large or small, can be of great use to you. The trick is to find them. Whether you decide to use Technorati, Alexa or simply find a list of top niche blogs online, you can then leverage your findings for marketing and learning purposes.

This guest post was written by Larry Stevenson. Larry is a retired computer repairman. When he’s not busy catching fish, he likes to write for various Internet blogs.

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