How to Setup your Google Authorship in just 6 Minutes and 6 Steps?

Google Authorship is much important for Bloggers who take Blogging as a professional ccareer. Google Authorship is a great method that developed by Google to improve search quality and results rewarding trustworthy content  instead of following the old algorithms for SEO functions.

Its a type of verification. Google Authorship allows the Bloggers to verify their authorship let everyone see the face behind the works. Linking your online work to your Google+ profile, Google Authorship verifies you as the author of the blog posts. This verification allow your Google+ profile image  to appear beside search results if you are the author. Google Authorship

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When someone search on Google it shows your professional picture with the search results beside the post. It will inclined them to click. Its already proved search results with an image have a higher click rate. With this Authorship you are trusted and professional writer in your field. So Google Authorship is must for Bloggers. Lot of Bloggers already completed but still some of them not embraced it.

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So how to get Google Authorship? Still some website owners confused how to do it. Here is some simple steps to get Google Authorship approximately in 6 minutes and 6 steps.

Google Authorship

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