Katy Perry is now the most followed user on Twitter, passes Justin Bieber

Katy Perry the American Singer and Song Writers is now the worlds most followed user on Twitter. The 29-year-old pop star just beat the Canadian pop musician as the most popular person on Twitter, at this time Katy Perry had 46,581,995 and Justin Bieber had 46,537,259.


According to Mashable’s report “Perry’s number of followers also surged past Lady Gaga, the former number one, earlier this year. The success of Perry’s most recent single, “Roar,” from her album Prism, released last month, may have contributed to putting her at the top of Twitter’s elite.

The pop star Lady Gaga holding the crown since 2010 with most number of followers on the micro-blogging platform and she lost the rank in earlier this year to Justin Bieber.

Bieber Surpassed Lady gaga at 33 million follower mark and Katy Perry passed gaga at after 6 months around 39 million followers. Now the top 5 rankings are like this on Twitter with followers count.

#1 – Katy Perry – 46,581,995 Followers

#2 – Justin Bieber – 46,537,259

#3 – Lady Gaga – 40,410,364

#4 – Barack Obama – 39,326,683

#5 – Taylor Swift – 36,299,028

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