Matt Cutts on Blog Comments: Use Your Name, Not Keywords

What’s you primary aim while commenting on Blogs? What you think about links from comments on blogs would help or hurt you on SEO strategy? Google‘s Webspam team head Matt Cutts told you that use your name while commenting on Blogs not keywords.

Is Link building by commenting against Google guidelines? What is Google’s view on Blog comments links and spam? Matt Cutts says that comments on blogs that are relevant to the topics and links to your blogs. Use your name on links not the keywords you are targeting.

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Also Matt Cutts warns you blog comments should not be the main part of your link building strategy. If your blog or website have a large part of back links that comes from blog commenting it can raise red flags with Google. He says that “If your primary link building strategy is to leave comments all over the web, to the degree that you have a huge fraction of your link portfolio comments, and no real people linking to you, then at some point that can be considered a link scheme. At a very high level we reserve the right to take action on any sort of deceptive or manipulative link schemes that we consider to be distorting or rankings.”

“The sorts of things that I would start to worry about is it’s better to often leave your name so someone knows who they are dealing with, rather than “cheap study tutorials” or “fake driver’s license”, or whatever the name of your business is, often that will get a chillier reception than if you show up with your name.” Search Engine Journal reports.


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