A Complete Guide for Beginners is a social networking platform, the company Pheed launched on 2012 earlier and soft launched on August 10 and launched to all users on October.

The site already been banked by celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, David Guetta, Chris Brown, Paris Hilton etc. The things is going like this way in future, the reports on the internet says that it is the big thing. The Forbes says that the  next “greatest idea social network.” According to its developers, Pheed was created to solve problems on current social networks.

Mashable named as ‘the next social craze, Huffington Post ‘the next generation of social media and Fortune listed Pheed as ‘The #1 Social Network to Watch in 2013’.

Pheed its like a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. If you are familiar with these social networks you dont need any further details about Pheed. In the launching time compared with the micro-blogging platform Twitter.

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Pheed is more attractive than Twitter. Twitter is 140 character limit. But in Pheed users can upload their images with beautiful looking, #hashtag concepts, upload and create images as an album, videos, audios and streamings. Users can express their thoughts  through the status, love, dont love and commenting and you can mention other users like twitter and it is instant.

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Pheed is a great social network and it gives different social networking experience to the users. May be you are already know just as another social network. But this beginners guide will help you to look more close to the social platform.

1. Setting Up your Profile

Sign up for with your Facebook, Twitter account or with a normal email sign up. Its a social networking you follow people, people follows you. You are ready to start. You can set a custom URL’s for your Pheed profile like Facebook, Twitter accounts. Pheed Sign Up

Pheed will ask you to follow at least 3 accounts befor you can move on your news feed. Those users posts will show on your home page.

2. Premium Channel

This is a master class move from, so far there is any social networking sites doesn’t allows users to set a premium account. Pheed premium channels are created the account holders  to monetize their contents. There is no special application or any milestones for you to set up a premium account. Pheed Premium

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Subscriptions for premium channels are made on a monthly basis and account holder can fix the rate from $1.99 to $34.99. Phee revenue sharing programs guarantee that users will get paid on a monthly basis 50% of your channel’s gross earnings from monthly subscription fees and/or pay-per-view live broadcast events.

3. Post your plain Text Status, Images, Videos, Audios


Like other social networks you can posts plain texts as your status, you can post audios like musics, individual photos or you can create albums with set of images and live broadcasting’s. We are using for more than 1 year and the major advantage of we seen is the network never shows any error while posting something on the website.

If you need to put copyright symbols on your images you have the optio. You just want to tick the ‘Copyright this pheed’ and after publishing the image you can seen ‘’ on that image.

4. Mentioning and Hashtag

Mentioning and Hashtag

This is why Pheed compare to Twitter. You can mention some one while posting status on and also you can use Twitter model hashtags to group the contents. Twitter only allows users to post 14o characters but Pheed allows users to post up to 420 characters.

5. Commenting, Liking, Unlike and Remix

Pheed Commenting Like other social networks you can comment on others post. You can make text comments with up to 420 characters. If you need you can share the Pheed posts to the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Also if you don’t like someones post you can unlike and you have the options. Use ‘Remix’ button to re-share other users post to your profile.

6. Broadcasting

Pheed Broadcasting

Also allows you to Broadcast your programs. You have 2 options one is schedule your event and another one is broadcast now. But you must collect fee from users who want to participate in your broadcast program.

7. Pheed for Android and iPhone

Pheed for Android and iPhone is available for your Android and iPhone devices. In February 2013 according to Huffington Post’s reports is the No. 1 free app in Apple’s App Store under the social networking category and its ranked higher than social giants Facebook and Twitter.

If you haven’t looked at its time to do so.

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