Top 10 Highest Paying Companies In The World

If you’re looking to make the big money that enables you to live that lavish life you’ve always dreamed to live, looking at a position with one of the 10 below employers is something that you should do. They are the highest paying jobs in the world, filled with plenty of perks and benefits in addition to that sweet paycheck. Highest Paying Companies

1. offers an amazing annual salary averaging $130,000 for software engineers. Not only will you make this enticing six-figure salary, working for this team will also provide you with benefits which include mid-year bonuses; Hawaii vacations for employees who meet quota and Tiffany & Co. gift cards in the amount of $5000 for the top sales professionals.

2. EOG Resources

EOG Resources is an oil and gas company operating out of Texas. They offer engineers a great average pay of $139,495 per year, with an array of other great incentives to match. This includes a 401(k) retirement plan with 100% matching contributions; yearly bonuses averaging $38,000, cash bonuses for top performers and more.

3. Perkins Coie

Employees at Perkins Coie earn an average of $165,989 per year in the role of Associate. A law firm in Seattle, Perkins Cole also throws in the perks that make the job count. This includes 7.3% retirement account contribution from employee, 50 cents per dollar put into a retirement account and other fun stuff like pet insurance and taxi rides home when you’re sick!

4. Bingham McCutchen LLC

Bingham McCutchen LLC is a global intelligence company. They are a sophisticated law firm offering associates a great yearly pay of $216,000 per year for their associates. Attorneys at the firm offer bonuses based on merit, and as with the other top paying companies on the list, this firm offers a number of exciting perks. This includes dinner for those working at the office past 7:00 and free Monday night yoga classes.

5. Google

The world would only expect the Internet giant to be among the best paying jobs out there. Google hires a number of different professionals to help operate their services, ranging from Internet consultants to SEO professionals, sales associates and others. They offer a great pay for associates, averaging $70,046 each year. Other perks offered from Google includes free haircuts, state-of-the art gym facilities, game tables and video games, healthcare, on-site laundry facilities and more.

6. Russell Investment Group

Russell Investment Group is a Tacoma, WA based company whose highest earners make more than $574,000 annually. Each year just under 200 new employees are added to the team; turnover rates are very low at the company. Of the workforce, nearly 53% of them are women.

7. World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology offers engineers a great pay averaging $129,569 per year. The company utilizes services of account manages and sales representatives to sell and embellish the iPad; they pay them just as rewardingly. In addition to an amazing pay, free Apple tablets are given to employees who meet their target goals. Points are given to employees excelling in their job, points are redeemable to earn vacation days and giveaways. And if all of this wasn’t enough, a 3% profit-sharing pool is shared amongst employees and there’s always a perk like a free lunch or event going on.

8. Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels operates popular establishments such as Hotel Monaco, Hotel Palomar, Donovan House and others. They take care of their employees, and General managers earn an amazing salary topping more than $118,400 per year. There is also the great bonus program available to managers who rank 85% of the targeted performance goals. Other benefits include health insurance, pet insurance, matching 401(k) retirement, two room nights at no cost and many other perks.

9. Baptist Health Services

Baptist Health Services pays their patient care managers an average of $125,650 per year. The Florida based non-profit hospital offers 100-unit apartments for employees near the hospital, down payment assistance, loans and referral bonuses as a few of their perks.

10. Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments hires software engineers an average annual salary of just over $93.009 per year, along with other fun perks and benefits. Along with the above average salary, Texas instruments provides retirement plans, paid time off, comfortable work environment and flexible schedules and more.

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