Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Depend On Online Jobs

These days’ internet marketing has been playing a good role in every business. No matter whether you are an employee or an employer, Internet marketing is a good opportunity to stay connected with the world and thus expand your profile globally. If you are a freelancer, no matter whether you have been working on the data entry jobs, freelance writing or such work, or planning to be a part of such family, then it is extremely important for you to understand that there are few risk involved in it. Top 5 Reasons You Can't Depend On Online Jobs There are companies that would offer you a good pay. However, wait a minute; you need to keep both your eyes open when you apply for the fact that your hard work might go a waste if you choose a wrong company. At such point of time, you won’t be able to take any action specially when you there is no agreement between both the parties.

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To get the best online job, you may come across many options. But if the company is approaching you with more of the money with hardly or any less work, then surely something is fishy about such company. Though there is lot more money involved, but you cannot rely on such companies entirely as the chances of fraud are high along with the risk of earning huge money. Let us take a look at the reason due to which you cannot entirely rely on the internet or online jobs that are being offered.

1. Competition

Looking at the increase in the internet marketing, the number of job opportunities and the applicants has also increased considerably. You will be amazed to know that within your local area, there are so many people with the same profile of yours with more or less experience.

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Due to this, it becomes more of a competitive environment where the employer looks forward to hire the best. He might hire you today but yes, the fact is, if some new competitor approaches the employer who proves to be efficient than you, then certainly the risk is high for you to lose the job. This shows that the security which you may get in the regular companies is not always necessary to be available in the companies that offer freelance or online jobs.

2. Reliability

You cannot always rely on the project that the client offers. Though the client would say that the salary range entirely depends on the project which come, But hang on! Are your really sure whether the projects that would be coming up for you will be on regular basis.

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If there is hardly any kind of projects, then certainly it is of no use to apply for the same. You are looking out for the long term work which would be regular. Relying on such companies that don’t have then be sure whether the projects would be available or not, or else it can be quite annoying and disappointing too.

3. No Additional Infrastructure

In regular companies, you must have noticed that there are additional Infrastructure facilities which you get like canteen area, coffee for two times a day and yes a cubicle with a PC to work on. Certainly, when you would be doing online job, all these facilities and expenses you have to bear on your own. Besides there won’t be employee beneficial schemes like insurance or provident fund that a freelance company would offer. Thus, relying on such companies can be quite tricky.

4. High Risk of Fraud

Chances are high that once you apply or the company for a freelance job, and start working on it, you never know whether the company will pay you or not. This can put you in more loss as all your hard work will be a vain. So ensure that you make a good research on the company where you re planning to apply.

5. Your Technologies Must be Updated

When you say online job, certainly you must have a good working PC and fast internet otherwise, you may not provide online deliverables due to which your job may go in a big risk. There are chances that due to weather conditions, you will have a bad internet problem or some Virus attacks your PC and destroy it entirely. At such time, it may become difficult for you to send the project on time. Hence, it is extremely important that your gadget and technologies that you would be using for your online job are all updated.

Now that you have got an idea on what makes it tricky to go for online job, may be you need to be bit careful about it. Freelancing is a good option with regards to money making. But certainly there is huge risk that is its reliability involved when you apply for it as the person whom you would be applying would be in the other corner of the world.

This article is contributed by Shivangi Raipure. He is a freelance writer from Pune.

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