Top PayPal Alternatives for Online Sales

PayPal owned by e-Bay Inc is the worlds fastest, secure online money transferring system trusted by over 135  million customers and processing near 8 million payments per day. World’s most trusted source to pay and get paid via easy online transferring.

PayPal supports payments in 26 currencies like U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Pounds Sterling, Brazilian Real etc. Noo doubt PayPal is the worlds biggest network. But still why you need to know about PayPal alternatives? Here are some reasons and some other popular trusted PayPal alternatives.

Why you need to know PayPal alternatives?

1, Lot of verification process.

2, Account Freezing at any time.

3, Account Suspension without Warning.

4, Not available in some countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Nepal etc.

5, Too favor to buyer.

6, In India PayPal doesn’t allow to make transactions between Indian to Indian customers.

Why Paypal is the most trusted network on money transferring? Because they are very strict on their policies and here the matter is money. In web master forums lot of persons issued that they loss their money by PayPal account freezing without any proper reasons.

Its really hard to find a PayPal alter and buyers primary choice of payment method will be PayPal and they liked to pay from there. Below we listed top alternatives to PayPal.

1. Skrill (MoneyBookers)


Skrill formerly The best alternative for PayPal. If you have no PayPal account, then the buyers or sellers normally ask you do you have Skrill? Now Skrill is the 2nd worlds largest trusted online money transferring system with more than 35 million customers.

With Skril you can send or receive from more than 200 countries and 40 currencies with low commission. You can transfer your money with local payments, credit and debit car methods and normal online bank transfers.

Skrill is the best choice for Online Gamblers for money transferring.

2. 2Checkout

2checkout 2Checkout  founded in 2000 and one of the trusted system for online money transferring. The service is solely focuses on providing payment options for small and medium size business owners. 2Checkout is available in 15 languages and supports 8 payment methods in 26 currencies.

The highlight of 2Checkout compare to PayPal is they only charge flat rate of 5.5% and $.45 per money transaction, no extra fees. You need to pay $10.99 to start an account on 2Checkout. 2Checkout is best for e-commerce money transactions. In addition there is a professional team to help you to resolve any problems on your transactions or and other related problems – great customer service.

3. Payza formerly known as AlertPay fully launched May 2012. Users submitted lot of problems while using AlertPay and they are almost recover everything with the launch of Now Payza had over 9 million customers and the network is really big worldwide service of  197 countries and in 21 different currencies.

Advantages of Payza it is user friendly like PayPal, clean interface, shopping cart integration, bank transfer, wire transfer etc. You need to complete lot of verification processes like what you do in PayPal to get an account.

4. WePay


WePay is another trusted alternative for PayPal but its quietly different from other alternatives. Customers don’t need to register an account for on WePay for payments. You just need to create buttons on WePay and put it on your website to receive payments from customers.

Live customer supports are available on WePay. WePay accepts all major credit cards with just 2.9% + 30¢ per transactions and no hidden fees, no monthly fees.

You can opt any of these networks if you feel any problems on Paypal or your account have any restrictions.

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