Using Vine for Marketing

In January of 2012 Twitter released its video capture and sharing program known as Vine. Unlike YouTube and other video sharing websites, the idea behind this program was that it would be exclusively for the mobile audience. With smartphone usage on the rise everywhere in the world it only made sense that the social media giant would give them an exclusive program meant for the creative purpose of making and editing short videos. The program originally saw an iOS exclusive release but it is now available for Android as well.

What is it?

Vine has exploded in popularity over the last months, with videos from everyday users going viral on a daily basis. Twitter’s video service, much like its text service is limited in what users can post. But instead of 140 characters, Vine users are only given 6 seconds of video to get their message out. Through the marketing implications of this service are still being explored at this point. This will be absolutely huge for both SEO endeavors as well as other forms of online marketing.

How can it be used for marketing?

As more and more people start to use mobile devices for getting around the internet, it will make sense for marketers to start targeting these users with advertisements that are pertinent to what people are doing on a daily basis, which is, using Vine. The ability to use Twitter’s hashtags in video descriptions will get your content to as many people as possible.

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Make brands more human

But one of the most important things that Vine provides for marketers is the chance to show an actually human face behind their brand. Much like Twitter and Facebook have allowed companies to post small blurbs of texts regarding what is happening on a daily basis, the ability to actually see faces and people at work is something that will be absolutely huge.

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Much like how many brands are using YouTube in order to make quirky videos with the hopes of them going viral, Vine allows that same opportunity except it’s much easier. With 6 seconds of looping video being a hard restriction on all Vine videos, users have to be extremely creative with packing as much information or entertainment into their videos as possible.

What it all means?

With the weight starting to shift off more traditional means of advertising with more and more people entering the mobile side of technology, advertisers are going to have to roll with the punches making the most of this exciting new avenue of marketing. Brands have already started making the switch by posting videos with everything from 6 second tutorials to office tours, some have even used Vine to host contest in which they ask for user submitted content that advertises their products. It won’t be long before having a company Vine will be as important, if not more, than having a Facebook or Twitter.

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