What makes Blogs different from just Websites?

Is blogs are just websites? Whats makes blogs different from websites? Lot of people confused about the difference between and a blog and website. Both are sharing information’s to the visitors. What makes blogs different from just websites and why you need a blog? The major difference between a website and a blog is websites are static or webpages rarely updated but blogs are updated regularly (normally).

1. Content

In Blogs newest content is listed near the top and the oldest at the bottom. Contents are the major difference between a blog and a website. Many blogs updated multiple times a day. You are creating websites for your long term need like if you are providing a service may be that will exists for months. If you edit the content that will minor. Incase of Blogs its a series of contents means posts published regularly with information’s.

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2. Conversation

Conversations are started when you are blogging. But in websites if you have contents there is no chance to get started conversations only happens enquiries. If you have a business website visitors will enquire you about your business or services. Its just for a moment and there is no permanent exist for the conversations.

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Blogs are quite different from websites. More conversations and a community feel. Compare to traditional websites bloggers are communicating to the audience and replies are expected.

3. Contacts

Conversations are converted in to contacts. Conversations happening on each blogs. If you are a technology blogger and you post an article on your blog when other bloggers commented and you will reply there is a conversation happen and a contact. That will help you both get in touch on future and can interact personally directly on social networks.

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Compare to Blogs its not easy to get personal contacts from your websites.

4. Typically You are Noted

No one will ask who writes contents on this website or normally there is no profiles for the people who write contents on website. But in blogs author had a profile like about him, his talents, his activities, his profiles on social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc. If you had a good blog and you are something in your niche you are noted by others.

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5. You don’t need to be an Expert

If you have knowledge in your niche you are an expert. You don’t need to be an expert to run a blog but coding is crucial for developing a website. Websites are not flexible as blogs. Blog has a lay out and shape but its easy to manage and you can easily change the design by changing templates.

6. Helping Others

Bloggers are helping others. Normally its not possible to help others are no one expect helps from a website. But a blog help every readers. For example if a How to Blog helps readers how to run a successful blog and Make money Blog helps the bloggers how to make money from their blogs.

Blogs are fully informative compare to just a website. Both websites and Blogs have their own role. The article is written to show what makes blogs different from a website.

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