Why Webmasters Avoid GoDaddy For Web Hosting?

A lot of webmasters actually cringe when they have to work on GoDaddy hosted sites, and for good reasons.  GoDaddy is not author friendly for many reasons. As an author you are continually being faced with many decisions. One being that you will need to find a great web host to use. Although Many web hosting sites like GoDaddy can afford to place many ads they have maintained a bad reputation. For such things like bad support, not being user friendly, slow web hosting and indecent advertising. Do not get caught up in their smutty advertising, and overlook some real issues with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy’s Support

First lets start with their lacking support. Although GoDaddy has made some improvements in their email support over the last couple years, they are still leagues away from having great or even good support.  But, on average it takes 1-2 business days to get a response from them (via email).  Which leads me to my next question why no “live” help?  Sure, you can call them but sometimes it’s easier to talk to a hosting provider on the computer. With the right company you will find simple and quick answers to all your technical problems. Use a company that has little to no technical issues this will eliminate the need for much more support.

Upsell You Everything

GoDaddy will try to upsell you everything from the time you add a product to the time you proceed to checkout. They straight up hide the real cost of their services.  I mean buying a simple domain is a chore.  When you do so you’re prompted with a pitch for a private domain, web hosting, other variations of your url.  For example, if you’re going to get a .com they will try to sell you an .info, .biz, .net, etc. Many authors will be shocked when they realize the amount that is really coming out of their pockets for services. It’s almost put in there to trick users. They can’t lure in authors by telling them the truth. If they disclosed the fact that there are all kinds of hidden extra charges in addition to their horrible support, they know that authors would take their business elsewhere.

Hard To Use

They are hard to use. Why continue with a company that is not user friendly to authors.  All you have to do is go to the forums and you’ll see that webmasters are wining and crying about their control panel.  But, yet GoDaddy makes no effort to make it any better.  No idea why; they have all the marketing money in the world. For the most part online authors are very computer savvy and for a company like GoDaddy to over up sell , charge so little (which you get what you pay for), and make a site so over complicated, they are just plain not making an effort to cater to authors needs at all. They are just looking to line their own pocket books.

Slow As A Turtle

Their web hosting is slow.  Think about it when you sit down to use the computer and want to look up something do you have a lot of patients.  No!  If you’re site is hosted with them and it takes forever to load then chances are you’re going to find out exactly what I am talking about.  Your bounce rate will suffer with GoDaddy. After adding all these extra things that they make authors think they need a web site can become so overwhelmed and run slow. Very inefficient for not only the author but for GoDaddy as well. If ultimately the site is a failure the author will not renew their over priced subscription.

Tasteless Advertising

To top it off they use indecent publications for advertising. Making no effort to clean up these advertisements.  They have been doing it for years during the Super Bowl. In fact they glorify the fact that they can imagine such ads by continually creating these ads that are too hard core for public television and placing them on their home page.

Sadly, this is a web hosting company that you want to avoid.  They have all the potential to be a good company, but they forget one important aspect; taking the time so see what users are saying about their service. Take the time to do your own research for, see what others are saying about GoDaddy’s horrible support, slow hosting and misleading services. Do not be one of their victims.

This article was written by Garen Arnold who runs the-best-web-hosting-service.com.  He enjoys developing websites and helping businesses get started online.

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