5 Tips to Increase your Twitter Followers Quickly

Is Twitter worth for your business? Is your Twitter followers count shows you are serious in your business? Its really matters how much Twitter followers for your personal or company profiles. People look your followers and make judgement’s how you are popular on the social network and how valued person you are.

Are you looking to grow a larger and more relevant Twitter followers? This article will help you to increase your Twitter followers quickly.

Most people will check out your profile before following you. Before you start you should have a good profile. A good or professional profile means you must have a profile picture, good bio about you with your profession and a link to your website personal or professional. 5 Tips to Increase your Twitter Followers Quickly

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If you finished your profile that shows you are a professional and a genuine user.

Follow Relevant Peoples

Don’t hesitate follow others Twitter accounts specially peoples relevant to your niche. If you are a blogger you should follow other bloggers accounts. Majority of bloggers connect their usernames on their blogs, if you tweet their post you will automatically mention their names.

If you tweet their posts definitely they will note you and might they will follow you back. Here you grab their attention. If you follow someone on Twitter they are niche to your business, the chances are huge to follow you back.

Utilize Hash Tags

Utilize the #hash tag while you are Tweeting. Lot of peoples search twitter through categories and keywords. If you are tweeting about trending news or any other use hash tags for example if you tweet about ‘blogging tips’ use #bloggingtips on your tweet.

Peoples searching for blogging tips will find your tweet and they might be follow you for future updates.

Follow your Followers

If someone follows you, follow them. If you follow them back they’re less likely to unfollow you in the future. Also follow users who follow your followers. You can use tools like Tweepi to scan the list of Twitter accounts that follow your own followers on the network.

Join Twitter Chats

On daily or weekly basis groups within various industries get together on the site talk about different topics. You can participate on chats that in your niche. By joining on chats your profile will be notified by other members and it’s a great way to meet new people in your sector.

Promote your Twitter Account on other Networks

Connect your Twitter account with Facebook and share the Tweets on your profile. With this way your Facebook friends will find your Twitter profile. Use Twitter gadget on your blogs, with that way your blog visitors can find the authors Twitter profile easily. You blog fan will follow you.

Connect your LinkedIn profile with Twitter, include follow me on Twitter call to action in your email signature.

It’s your turn. What you think? If you follow these tips you can increase your Twitter followers rapidly and you won’t lose any followers.

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