7 Tips to Increase Your Followers on Google+

Like a ghost town in 2011, but now Google+ is becoming famous social networking platform. According to GlobalWebIndex “Google+ is now the worlds 2nd largest social networking platform just behind Facebook. Google+ may not be a big or active social network like Facebook, Twitter or professional network like LinkedIn, but it has a great value to the SEO professionals, Bloggers and Marketers.

Google+ not only helps you to increase traffic. Google+ already integrated into the Google search results that also gives you a good rank in Google search results.

To increase your blog or websites traffic you should have a good Google+ followers count. If some one in your Google+ circle search something on Google if you written an article related to the search, your article can be seen higher within the search results and you will get clicks from Google.

So the followers count is important on Google+. How to increase your followers on Google+? Here are some tips.

1. A Complete Profile

This is the first major step to get followers. Don’t seem your profile a fake or not a serious person. Go a head and fill out your profile. A complete profile means a real photo of you, a nice cover photo, details about your occupation, skills, employment, education details, necessary contact information’s like your email address, phone number (optional) etc.

Make sure that your profile is public. This helps other Google+ users to find you easily.

2. Connect other Social Profiles

Connect your Google+ profile on other networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Share your Google+ profile on Facebook and ask your friends to connect on Google+ too. Other profiles

Also you can show your other social profiles on your Google + profile. This shows you are a genuine and active user on other social networks too.

3. Circle Back

You should circle back peoples who circled you. You will get notification when some one circled you and circle them back on favor. If you circle them back they’re less likely to un-circle you in the future. Try to follow peoples with similar interest. For example if you are a blogger, circle other bloggers and if some one circled you don’t forget to added them back.

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4. Use Google+ Badge on your Blogs

Google+ Badge Use Google+ profile badge on your blogs. Its similar to Facebook Like box. To increase your personal followers put your personal profile badge on your blog and to get more followers to your blog put your blog’s Google+ fan page. You blog’s fan will add you on Google+, if you have a large number of readers definitely it will help you to increase your followers count.

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5. Get Google Authorship

Google Authorship allows the Bloggers to verify their authorship let everyone see the face behind the works. Linking your online work to your Google+ profile, Google Authorship verifies you as the author of the blog posts. This verification allow your Google+ profile image  to appear beside search results if you are the author.
Google AuthorshipGetting Google authorship is a must for every blogger. Google authorship shows there is a real person behind the blogs. This authorship increase your chance to get more followers on Google+.

6. Call to action in your Email Signature

Use your Google+ profile link in your email signature. Also you can use Google+ link on different forum signatures. When you emailed some one or commenting on forum posts other members can easily find your Google+ profile.

7. Be active on Google+ Communities

Google launched Google+ communities, a place to share your posts, ideas etc. Its more powerful than Facebook groups. In Google+ communities you can easily find topics or discussions by categories. Compare to Facebook groups Google+ communities are less spam and more active.
Google+ communities
While you posting, sharing or commenting on other persons posts on Google+ you will be notified and its a huge chance to get followed by that person.

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