A Newbies Guide To Infographic Marketing

Infographic marketing; what is it you ask? Basically, an infographic is a photo book of information. It could be anything from a presentation of data, to information or knowledge – but whatever they’re used for they are easily understood by the viewer. That’s what’s so great about them and why they are a great way to market a certain service or product!

You can use infographics for just about anything too; a presentation, report, blog, and in newsletters. Use your imagination! The information used on infographics is easily absorbed, so it’s perfect if you want to get a certain message across to the viewer in a short amount of time. If you design the infographic well enough, they probably won’t get bored either. The visual aspects of the infographic will help to hold your audience’s attention, as many people are visual learners. So, if you’re suddenly interested in using infographics for marketing; read on:

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Why Are Infographics So Awesome When Used in Marketing?

Infographics have many benefits, all of which make them one awesome way to market something! Here’s a list of things that all contribute to an infographics awesome-ness:

  • They’re easy to write – much easier than writing a full blown blog post! You simply include the essential information all on a good design and great layout and watch sparks fly.

  • They grab attention quickly and easily – with an eye catching design, an infographic draws a reader in when a blog post or a piece of content wouldn’t have done.

  • Search marketing is increased – if somebody shares your infographic and posts the link back to your site, you’re on to a winner!

  • They could go viral – as infographics can be very attractive and are shared easily, there’s every chance they could go viral!

  • You’ll Create brand awareness – all you have to do is pop your logo and contact details somewhere, and you’ve automatically increased your brand awareness.

  • They make you look like an expert – an infographic in a certain subject will show off your expertise in a certain area…a great way to impress people and make them like you (not that you need to make anybody like you).

So, what do you think? Are you up for creating a knock-out infographic now? If the answer is a big loud yes, yes, YES (remind you of something?); here are some points to remember:

  • Thoroughly research facts and statistics to create an up to date infographic.

  • Talk about facts and figures.

  • Develop a story that is coherent – in order, a story, whatever you want to call it.

  • Keep it minimal.

  • Choose a great colour scheme.

  • Get your message across quickly as a flash.

  • Draw conclusions.

  • You could always take all of the hard work out of it and order one from Skyrocket SEO!

Infographic marketing can be truly magical, so don’t neglect to try it out and see what it can do for your business…you won’t regret it!

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