Antivirus Applications for Android OS, Are They Really Necessary?

The most widely spread myth about Android OS, is that antivirus apps are not effective and give no protection to your smartphone, care to know the truth?

Android is the most popular operation system today. Millions of smartphones, tablets, navigators and other portable gadgets use this OS. At the moment, more than 900 000 of new Android-based devices are activated daily. Have you ever thought, whether your information in smaprtphone protected?
Statistics for 2012 states that 8% of Android applications contain Trojans or other potentially harmful code and their numbers are constantly growing. Android is based on Linux, it would seem that viruses can’t penetrate  it and who may need it?

Believe me, they may need it. Not to disserve you, but in order to get some money. What viruses do and what threat they may bring? Even if you don’t make any financial operations with your smatrphone, there is a risk of losing money from your account. The most widely spread occasion is a theft from your mobile account, you money may be stolen by your smartphone sending SMS to premium numbers.

That may sound terrifying to you, but the problem is the virus can be disguised as a game, live wallpaper and other applications. Some malicious applications can even access your mobile banking applications, if such are installed on your mobile gadget. But if you don’t use your smatphone or tablet to pay for services, don’t keep credit card data on it, someone can look through the virus in your letters, or even eavesdrop on your conversations. You may say that you don’t have any secrets. Possibly. But each of us always has something personal. So you should think about an antivirus installation. The most interesting fact here is that even an antivirus APK downloaded from sources unlike Google Play may lead you to getting a virus. There is already dozens of antivirus apps for Android OS, which can offer protection close to the majority of similar computer versions: protection against viruses, spam, anti-theft and firewall. Antivirus Applications For Android OS

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But installing antivirus you can’t be 100% sure that your phone is protected. When it comes to more important things – it would be better to get your personal mobile phone blocker. This device can completely block all mobile frequencies and will surely protect you from an attacker. Keep in mind, that evildoer doesn’t have to get in touch with your mobile gadget to steal your data from it. He may sit in a room next door and get all he needs, while you won’t even notice something strange.

But let’s get back to the antivirus apps and security of your phone. We must remember three basic rules. First of all, it would be better to install applications only from trusted sources, such as Play Market or other approved sites.

Second, you should check what rights are requested by the application being installed. For example, there is a point of sending paid SMS, we advise to abandon the installation of such an application. It can be very often found hidden in games donates, which can deduct money from your account without your notice.

I would like to make a small withdrawal. Antivirus certainly helps you to significantly increase the security of your smartphone. They have a number of useful features, such as firewalls, secure storage of passwords, an area for secure payment by credit card, blocking pop-up ads in browsers, etc. But in modern world, where every day there are new and emerging threats and heaps of spy gadgets you can not make your system feel fully protected. And if someone badly needs your information, the threat may come from both the software and from the mobile network. Do not forget about it, keep you personal data safe, and check your antivirus!

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