E-cigarettes: So technology even playing its role in smoking?

Did you ever realize how people have started using the technology even while smoking? I am actually talking about an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) which is in the process of replacing the traditional cigarettes from past few years. E-cigs may not be popular in India but in countries like UK and USA it is taking over the regular cigarettes at a fast pace due to the health hazards of regular cigarettes. According to an article published on BBC website approximately 28,000 people are killed every year in UK alone due to lung cancer and smoking is the major cause for it.

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When you become addicted to something it’s hard to give up as it causes pain when you try to give it up. Same is the case with traditional cigarettes which burn tobacco in the form of harmful chemicals during its use by the smokers, and these chemicals have already been proved to be addictive by researchers. So a solution was needed so that people could give up smoking gradually when the addiction would not let them quit smoking altogether in a very short period of time. The solution ultimately did come and it was in the form of technology that was introduced in smoking so that harm could be reduced to great extent though may not be completely eliminated. E-cigarette was the name of that technology which is now helping millions of people all over the world to reduce the harm but still no any solid evidence for being 100% effective to help quit smoking altogether. E-cigarettes still use nicotine as used in regular cigarettes but it’s at very low level.

In regular cigarettes a paper is wrapped over the tobacco and it is burned using a burning stick in the match box used by smokers. But in an e-cigarette technology plays a big role and a battery and cartridge is used in it to carry out the smoking process which is often called as ‘vaping’ to differ it from the smoking of regular cigarettes. So you would call it “I am vaping” while using e-cigarette as your method of smoking. The battery is used to spark an electric charge to the nicotine filled cartridge to produce vapor in the form of nicotine mist which would then give the taste and experience of smoking without the smoke.

According to another article published on BBC e-cigarettes could save millions of lives if people could start using e-cigarettes instead of conventional cigarettes. I could hear the name of Wayne Marler on different websites over internet whose life was changed after switching to e-cigs and his example could be taken into consideration in order to motivate yourself to quit smoking by using the latest technology of e-cigs. Wayne Marler was super charged to help others quit smoking once he himself got rid of smoking by the use of e-cigs and this even inspired him to start his own online e-cigarette store which is now very popularly known as Sparks Ecigs. It has also become a business for him now.

Still this product is not popular in India and I think its time now to introduce this product in India as well so that Indian smokers could also be benefited from it. But unless this product is being regulated by higher authorities in India there is always a risk involved to invest in this latest technology. But it’s worth taking risk when the product is useful and appreciated by smokers from all over the world. Definitely government will have to support and regulate something which is changing lives but still lot of research need to be carried out for the product to be declared safe and workable for majority of the people and it must not also encourage new smokers.

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