Google Year in Review – Top 10 Google Search Trends in 2013 (Video)

Search engine giant Google released its annual year-end Zeitgeist report, its a kind of report at the end of every year published by Google with top search trends of the year, what did the world search for in 2013?

What peoples mostly searched on Google? The No. 1 spot went to Nelson Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid hero who died in this December. The No. 2 spot went to Paul Walker the Hollywood actor who died recently in a car accident.

The iPhone 5S spotted on No. 3 trending search of the year on Google, Cory Monteith spotted on 4 and Harlem Shake followed No. 5.

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Here we go with the top 10 list…

  1. Nelson Mandela
  2. Paul Walker
  3. iPhone 5S
  4. Cory Monteith
  5. Harlem Shake
  6. Boston Marathon
  7. Royal Baby
  8. Samsung Galaxy S4
  9. PlayStation 4
  10. North Korea

Top search trends in the United States

  1. Boston Marathon
  2. Government Shutdown
  3. VMAs
  4. Tornado in Moore, Okla.
  5. Royal Baby
  6. Zimmerman Trial
  7. Typhoon Haiyan
  8. New Pope
  9. Syria Conflict
  10. Mayweather versus Canelo

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