How to Make Your Social Media Page Unique?

If one were to browse around various user profiles on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social networks, one would find a very mono thematic atmosphere. With brand pages, however, you find something different. You find that the popular, successful brands are original and seek to set trends rather than simply following them. You find that being unique as a business is a huge factor in a company’s success rate.

How to Make Your Social Media Page Unique?

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Blending in with the crowd isn’t what you wanted to do with your company. Is it? Simply being part of the crowd is the epitome of mediocrity. You can do better; you should do better. And it all starts with being a unique brand and having a one-of-a-kind social media page.

Tips for Creating A Unique, Standout Social Page

1: Use Original Content

Posting other people’s content may have a time and a place, such as sharing something. But the vast majority of the time it’s simply better to create your own content. Creating your own photos, videos, and original posts will help you to stand out above the crowd. Instead of being another in a long line of users whose pages resemble each other, you can be a standalone brand with unique, original content.

2: Get Creative in Editing

One of the best ways to be creative is to ensure that everything from your page elements to your posts stand on their own, and the best way to do that is to get very creative in editing. Photoshop and GIMP are great image editors, where something as simple as Windows Live Movie Maker can help you transform a short video clip into a dramatic, high-quality release. With editing, it’s all about the time and creativity you put into your work.

3: Speak with a Unique Voice

Another great way to be unique in social media is to speak with a unique voice. Far too often businesses implement parity; i.e. they imitate successful brands in terms of their mission and approach. You can stand out as wholly unique by ensuring your voice is 100% yours. From the material your present to the dialogue you engage in, try to speak with a unique voice.

4: Focus on the Little Things

It’s the little things on your pages that make them unique. From the smallest snippet or blurb to your contests and promotions, what you’re looking for ultimately is a way to present an original message. Compare your brand with similar brands and look at how their pages are set up. Though you may seek inspiration, you really want to go with something different. Those little things can add up to create a stale, overused image. So seek to be original in every little thing you do.

5: Target Your Specific Niche

One of the best possible ways to stand out as unique is to directly target a narrow niche. For instance, if you’re catering to the gluten-free segment of the weight-loss genre, then focus in on that specific area. Blanketing “weight loss” in general, while still technically part of your niche, is too broad a line of attack to be unique. On the other hand, streamlining your focus and speaking directly to the right audience makes your pages more unique by that move alone.

6: Watch for Imitators

Creating unique pages isn’t a one-off; it’s something you’ll have to keep working at. One of the main reasons is that people may copy you. As hard as you work to make your pages unique, someone can use your ideas, gain more popularity, and then it’s you who stands out as the imitation. You should also be very careful that you’re not imitating anyone in terms of contests and promotions, posts and ads, and other aspects. Imitation isn’t very flattering in this context.

Being a unique presence on social media isn’t the be-all, end-all of your success, but it does help you stand out in a crowd. Parity might work in sporting leagues and with oil corporations, but social media is the epitome of a true free market. This means customers have free reign to go with whomsoever they please, and being a unique presence might just attract more people to your brand and help you to build a better reputation.

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